Orientation - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really have to attend Orientation?

Yes, every student attending Farmingdale State College needs to know what is expected. Students are obligated to understand policies, rules and regulations of the College (i.e., Student Code of Conduct, computer usage policies, fire safety, etc.), therefore, orientation is required.

How do I know if my payment has been received?

When paying by credit card in the Accepted Student Portal, you will receive confirmation by e-mail (the email address used when applying to FSC).

Can I pay online or on the phone?

Reservations/payment for orientation can be made with a credit card online via the Accepted Student Portal. The College does not accept phone payments.

What happens if I do not attend Orientation?

There will be a Dean of Students hold placed on your record, preventing you from registering for classes or accessing your grades.

How long is the in-person Orientation program?

The typical program lasts a full day. Flexibility is required as certain unforeseen elements (i.e. weather) may affect the program schedule. Make plans to stay until approximately 4:30 PM each day of your orientation.

Are there overnight accommodations?

Overnight accommodations are provided exclusively for the resident student orientation program. Other programs do not necessitate overnight accommodation, as they are limited to one day.

What exactly goes on during Orientation?

There are several presenters at orientation, depending on which program you attend. Each program is tailored to the specific audience. At orientation, you will not only learn the various policies, rules and regulations of the College, but you will also get insight into both the academic and social/cultural sides of the college experience. In addition, your orientation leader has been selected for their skill at helping you navigate the College and acting as a guide to the school. Most programs include meals and/or refreshments, and items are distributed throughout the program that can aid the student in his/her academic career at Farmingdale State.

Where do I meet the day of my in-person orientation?

The Orientation Office will notify paid registrants via e-mail where to go for check-in. This electronic communication will be sent approximately one week before your scheduled program.

What happens if I cannot make my Orientation?

Please e-mail orientation@farmingdale.edu at least three (3) business days prior to the program. If you fail to notify us, i.e. "no-show" the program, you will be required to reserve, attend and pay for another date. You will not be given credit for the original payment.

Should I bring anything to my Orientation?

Bring your email confirmation receipt. Everything else will be provided for you (i.e. orientation materials, lunch/refreshments, etc.). We encourage you to dress according to the weather and wear comfortable shoes as you will be on your feet throughout the day, including a campus tour.

Why do I have to pay $110 for my in-person Orientation?

Your orientation fee, made via the Accepted Student Portal, covers administrative expenses as well as materials that are provided for your Orientation, and any food/refreshments.

Can I bring a guest (e.g. parent) to my Orientation Program?

While a parent may not attend orientation with you, in many cases a separate introductory program is available for parents in conjunction with Orientation activities. An Introductory session for parents of students with confirmed reservations is typically offered from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm. This is designed to address many of the questions frequently asked by parents and includes a lunch. A maximum of 2 parents/guardians per student may attend (no children are permitted) and the cost is $25 per person, which includes lunch. Please plan to pay with credit card online in advance.

What is the postponement policy?

You may request to reschedule without penalty provided you make your request in writing no later than three (3) business days prior to the program.

What is the cancellation / refund policy?

Only those students who are not enrolled in an upcoming semester at the college are eligible for refund upon cancellation, provided they have not yet attended orientation. Request to cancel must be made in writing no later than five (5) business days prior to the program.

Upon verification of payment, refund will be mailed via check payment within approximately four (4) weeks. Refunds are subject to a $5 service fee to cover costs incurred.

What happens if I reserve a date but fail to pay?

Your reservation is not guaranteed without payment and will be canceled if not paid within the posted time frame prior to your orientation.

Still could use some help? Email us and we will get back to you shortly.