Toner & Supplies

Procurement Procedure

All purchases of computer peripherals, accessories and toner, where the total cost does not exceed ,500 one-time expense and/or more than ,500 annually, are allowed and should be purchased with the p-card.

Toner cartridges can vary significantly in price based on vendors. IT Approval is not needed for purchase however please consult with your assigned Tech and check prices from the following vendors before purchasing if necessary.

Toner & Supplies for:
Current printer standards (HP LJ M404dn, M428fdn, M454dn, M479fdn)
Past printer standards (HP LJ M402dne, M426dn, M452dn, M477fdn)
ITU RFQ # 2019-20 (Expires 6/30/20)
Contract # PM20860
PCMG Inc. d/b/a PCM Gov Inc.
Joseph Behrens
Phone: 937-415-9459

All other Toner & Supplies:

Account Manager: Robert McGrath
Phone: 203-851-7254

Corporate Computer Solutions
Account Manager: Nick Nelson
Phone: 914-835-1105

ProfTech WorkPlace Solutions

SHI International Corp.
Phone: 1-88-744-4084

* Please note that periodic reviews of purchases may include confirmation of the model purchased, evidence of inventory control tag, and compliance with procurement procedures.