Wired or Wireless Network Policy

Any student, faculty or staff wishing to use the wireless/laptop access at Farmingdale State must follow and abide by the following Network Access Guidelines.

Network Access Guidelines:

    • While connected to the network, you are expected to abide by all rules and regulations of the College while attached to the network as explained in the Acceptable Use Policy.
    • When your laptop/personal computer is attached to Farmingdale’s network, the computer name must be set to your campus Email username. For example, John Smith should name his computer SMITJ.
    • Your laptop/personal computer must have a computer name, MAC and IP address that are visible. Using tools to hide or disguise your computer name, MAC and/or IP address are strictly prohibited.
    • Computers acting as servers for file sharing or other purposes are not permitted.
    • Use of the network for uploading or downloading copyrighted material is strictly prohibited.
    • Farmingdale State reserves the right to monitor and record the activity of all users on the network. 

Failure to comply with any of the above guidelines may result in the loss of network access and/or disciplinary action.

For additional help and information go to: Helpdesk