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Title IX: Support & Resources

Title IX and other federal, state, and local laws collectively prohibit discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender expression, pregnant or parenting status, and LGBTQ+ identity. Farmingdale State College (FSC) is committed to supporting members of our campus community impacted by such actions or that are affected by sexual assault, sexual harassment, intimate partner violence, and stalking - regardless of whether a crime has occurred on-campus, off-campus, or while studying abroad. 

If you have experienced sex or gender-based violence or harassment, there are resources and support options available to you. Contact FSC's Title IX Coordinator for further assistance in taking advantage of supportive options at your disposal.

Regional Resources

Pregnancy and Related Conditions

If you are pregnant, or experiencing related conditions, you may be entitled to support, protections, or accommodations under Title IX, ADA, and other laws. Be sure to connect with FSC's Title IX Coordinator to discuss what accommodations the College can provide.

For more information, please visit the Department of Education's website.

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