Silhouettes of business people meeting at a large table with a city skyline behind them.

Business Management

We develop the next generation of business professionals for an ever-changing economy, who are ethically responsible, technologically proficient, and globally aware.  In valuing the unique background of our students, we create an innovative learning environment that promotes collaboration and experiential learning.  We contribute to the teaching experience and management practices through our scholarship and stakeholder engagement.

Our department offers four undergraduate degrees. No matter which path is chosen, our students receive a well-rounded education that prepares them to be effective business leaders. Select programs allow students to develop diverse skills in technology and globalization that provide them a competitive edge.

The Business Management department connects the classroom to the business world by creating valuable learning experiences through internships, club presentations, and guest speakers. Students can join the Honor Society Sigma Beta Delta, participate in the Business Management internships or join the student chapters of the International Business Club.

The Business Management Department proudly supports AACSB’s efforts to model inclusive communities of work and learning, and to advocate for all individuals' full participation and belonging within business education, business, and society. 

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Last Modified 2/27/24