Strategic Plan 2021-2024


We develop the next generation of business professionals for an ever-changing economy, who are ethically responsible, technologically proficient, and globally aware.  In valuing the unique background of our students, we create an innovative learning environment that promotes collaboration and experiential learning.  We contribute to the teaching experience and management practices through our scholarship and stakeholder engagement.


We will become a recognized business program in the Long Island and Greater New York region due to the quality of our education, AACSB accreditation, and interactions with the business community.


Integrity (Ethics and Responsibility): We adhere to the highest ethics and social responsibility standards. Toward this end, we carry out all activities and interactions with integrity, creating an environment in which all members of the department provide positive examples and role models for the student body.

Excellence: We continuously strive to attain the best in our teaching, our research, and our service. We see continuous improvement as our path to move our department to the next level.  Professionalism governs all our interactions among ourselves and with our students.

Teamwork: We believe that teamwork and collaboration are key aspects for successful organizations. We work together as a group, valuing our diversity and differences. We encourage teamwork in our classes through innovative pedagogy.

Engagement:  We strongly value our interactions with our stakeholders such as students, alumni, and the business community. We find these relationships as the key to position our department at the local and regional level.

Last Modified 6/15/22