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Marketing Certificate

Certificates in Business Management are offered in Accounting, Marketing, Management and International Business. Certificates are designed to provide a general exposure to a field for students not seeking a degree.

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Admission to Farmingdale State College - State University of New York is based on the qualifications of the applicant without regard to age, sex, marital or military status, race, color, creed, religion, national origin, disability or sexual orientation.

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Dr. Nanda Viswanathan
School of Business, Room 329
Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm

Fall 2022

Subject to revision

BUS 109 Management Theory 3
BUS 111 Introduction to Business 3
BUS 131 Marketing Principles 3
BUS 141 Business Communications 3
BUS 253 Industrial Marketing 3
BUS 254 Salesmanship 3
BUS 257 Advertising Principles 3

Five additional courses (15 credits) in Business

Curriculum Summary

Total Required Credits: 36

1. Students planning to pursue a degree program after completing the certificate program are urged to select elective courses applicable to the degree program.

BUS 109 Management Theories and Practices

This introductory course covers management principles pertaining to human resources, individual behavior in organizations, employee motivation and performance, and business ethics. Topics also include managing and the manager’s job; planning and decision making; employee performance appraisal and feedback; leadership and influence processes; interpersonal relations and communication; and managing work groups and teams.

BUS 111 Introduction to Business

This course introduces the student to the fundamentals of American Business and its contemporary environment. It provides an overview of organizational, national, and international trends and their impact on enterprises both large and small. The course develops an understanding of important business concepts, principles, and practices that explain how businesses are formed, how they operate to accomplish their goals, and why/how their success depends on effective management, production, marketing and finance/accounting.

BUS 131 Marketing Principles

This course provides the student with a sound knowledge of the basic elements of the marketing process. Major topics include the features of consumer and organizational markets, market segmentation, and target market strategies. Product planning and development, brands, packaging and other product features are covered. Price determination and the use of various pricing strategies are discussed. The factors in the selection of channels of distribution and the features of wholesaling and retailing are considered. Elements of the promotional process such as sales, advertising, and sales promotion are included. Ethical and legal issues in marketing, marketing of services, global marketing, and marketing on the Internet are also covered.

BUS 141 Contemporary Business Communications

An introduction to the role and importance of effective communications in business. Key topics include the familiarization and practice in preparing common types of internal and external business communications; contemporary issues in business communication relating to technology, ethics, and nondiscriminatory language; memo and report writing with proper mechanics, style, and appropriate tone/attitude; and business presentations. Prerequisite(s): EGL 101 and BCS 102

BUS 253 Industrial Marketing

This course focuses on the marketing of industrial goods and services to industrial markets. Industrial product planning, channels of distribution, promotional activities and pricing strategies are emphasized. Other topics such as understanding industrial buying and evaluating potential markets are also covered. Prerequisite(s): BUS 131

BUS 254 Principles of Selling

This course emphasizes the creative selling techniques used by professional salespeople. It covers all the important elements of the personal selling process with special emphasis placed on determining prospects' needs, translating features into benefits, overcoming objections and closing methods. Participants will demonstrate their ability to apply the techniques discussed by delivering sales presentations. Prerequisite(s) BUS 131 or Department approval.

BUS 257 Advertising Principles

This course uses practical concepts to examine the role of advertising in the marketing process. Topics covered include: ethical issues involved in advertising, various types of advertising used by marketers, services performed by ad agencies, the creative side of advertising including basic elements of copywriting and design, how to prepare an ad budget, and the elements of media selection. Also covered are the various types of advertising media including magazines, newspapers, outdoor, transit, yellow pages, and direct mail as well as the features of advertising on television, radio and the Internet. Prerequisite(s): BUS 131 or Department approval

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