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The Department of Mathematics offers a rich curriculum to empower students to reach their mathematical potential. We focus on research and problem solving in science, engineering, and society.

While providing mathematics courses to all FSC students regardless of their choice of degree, the department also provides students in the Applied Mathematics Bachelor's degree the opportunity to design their program of study based on individual interests and goals.

The Department of Mathematics hosts numerous social and extra-curricular activities to enhance a student's learning environment in the areas of advanced problem solving and research.

New: Effective Fall 2024

To keep up with current changes in the field of applied mathematics, the department redesigned its program. It was  approved by SUNY and the State Education Department (SED). The new program provides  students in the applied mathematics and other programs including professionals with an opportunity to enroll in one or more of the following microcredential(s) while satisfying the requirements for the major or minor and/or advancing their career.

Outside the Classroom

There are student-focused network events/seminars held throughout the year and students can boost their academic performance by visiting the Mathematics Learning Center.

The Department of Mathematics offers an extraordinary opportunity for students to serve as undergraduate teaching assistants in our Emerging Scholar Workshops.

We encourage students to participate in the annual US National Collegiate Mathematics problem-solving competition in which Farmingdale students have recently ranked among the top 10.

The Center for Applied Mathematical Sciences (CAMS) runs different programs that enable students to engage in research projects related to different areas of Applied Mathematics.

Last Modified 6/3/24