Emerging Scholars Program

The Emerging Scholars Program (ESP) at Farmingdale, now in its fifteenth year, is modeled loosely after the highly successful program created by Uri Treisman at University of California at Berkley and University of Texas at Austin.  Students enrolled in MTH 129 Precalculus, MTH 130 Applied Calculus, and MTH 150 University Calculus I are all invited to participate in this optional program. 

Students attend ten weekly sessions in which they work collaboratively in small groups with their classmates on non-routine, challenging assignments related to the course material that are prepared by the faculty coordinator.  Four teaching assistants plus the faculty coordinator serve as facilitators/tutors/coaches. The assignments are graded by the teaching assistants and students have one opportunity per assignment to correct and resubmit a “perfect” paper.  The earned course grade of those students with 10 perfect assignments is enhanced by a one level increase, e.g. from B- to B.

In the past several students successfully completed the program. The TA’s enjoy the opportunity to work with groups of students on these problems.  It encourages patience and requires them to carefully formulate hints and explanations.  Many TAs have gone on to become mathematics teachers. The students enjoy the opportunity of working collaboratively, meeting classmates, sharing ideas, and especially helping other students who are having difficulty.  The environment is non-threatening and allows students to freely ask any question without fear of penalty or embarrassment.


Last Modified 1/14/23