Center for Applied Mathematical Sciences (CAMS)

The Center runs different programs that enable our students to engage in research projects related to different areas of Applied Mathematics. As a consequence of this research, the students gain knowledge in advanced Mathematics and see its immediate applications to specific problems that arise in recent scientific investigations. We strongly believe that this experience is very valuable for our students, not only academically, but most importantly it helps students build their professional careers and identify possible areas for further study in graduate school. The center also coordinates undergraduate research/internship performed by applied mathematics major students with a faculty in other departments or with an Off-Campus mentor.

Students work on cross-disciplinary projects in Applied Sciences: An Examination of Vibrating String Problems, Analysis of Heartbeat Pattern during Relaxation Period Following Strenuous Exercise,  Signal Processing Project-Filtering Noisy Signals, Dynamic Optimization in Natural Resource Management. They also present their work at regional and national conferences. Some students won first place in an undergraduate research competition.

The Center for Applied Mathematical Sciences also provides an opportunity for faculty in the Mathematics and other departments to widen their knowledge of mathematics and its applications to interdisciplinary fields by organizing learning seminars, seminars and colloquiums in the areas of Financial Mathematics, Algebraic Geometry, and topics related to our recent research activities.

Our activities give students a better vision of what can be accomplished with an applied mathematics degree, and lead to higher enrollment in our program by creating awareness of concrete employment opportunities available to mathematics majors.