News Clippings

The Evening Post journalist Harold Littledale wrote a series of articles before the beginning of the investigation, accusing Director A.A. Johnson and the Board of Trustees of corruption.

"Farmingdale Head Paid Two Salaries"

An article written on May 1 alleged that Johnson used federal funds to be used to finance the education of disabled soldiers to pay for a second salary.

"Trustees Were Lax at Farmingdale"

Another article written on May 3 accused the Board of Trustees of knowing of Johnson’s mismanagement of federal funds and doing nothing to stop it.

"Begins Inquiry into Farmingdale"  and  "Farmingdale Probe Underway, Mystery in Dean’s Resigning"

These two articles, detailed the start of the investigation of A.A. Johnson and the Farmingdale Institute. Dean of the school, Allan Roberts, resigned shortly after the inquisition into the school began which caused much speculation.

"Johnson’s Resignation"

As a result of the student strike and continued public outcry against Johnson’s directorship, Johnson resigned in mid-December 1922 following four years of criticism. When his resignation was announced, a group of 100 townspeople gathered outside Johnson’s cottage to celebrate as Johnson stayed indoors.

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