Campus Video Bulletin Board

The Campus Video Bulletin Board (VBB) is used to distribute video messages to the campus on widescreen 16:9 LCD monitors. The screens are placed in strategic locations in campus buildings for maximum visibility. Because people are moving past the screens, the message will appear for 5 seconds on a rotating basis to give each message maximum exposure. Slides will stay on the VBB for three weeks. Keeping the slide visually simple, with no more than 10 lines of text, and limiting graphics will make the slide easier to read.
Here are some tips for making your message easier to read. You should describe the event as clearly as possible. Give the title of the event, what department is sponsoring the event, location, time, and where more information is available. More information for your event could be made available on your department home webpage. An example would be to tell the reader to look at the sponsoring department's homepage for more information.

How to submit messages to the Campus VBB
Slides need to be submitted by a Farmingdale State Campus employee. Slides need to be saved as a JPEG file type and in a 16:9 Horizontal wide screen format. You should submit slides to the Campus VBB via email at  Include Campus VBB in the subject field.

Design your own Slide
Design your slide so it can be easily read. The content of the text should include the Who, What, Where, and When as large as possible. It is best not to add a lot of graphics and photographs, they will make the slide difficult to read. The Campus VBB monitors are located in high traffic areas throughout the campus. People are moving past the monitors and have a limited amount of time to view your message. Slides can be designed in any program that will enable you to setup the page size in a horizontal 16:9, 1920x1080 format and saved as a JPEG. Powerpoint and Photoshop are programs that you can use.
IMPORTANT: Please note that when creating the slide, you should select the widescreen - 16:9 slide size.

PowerPoint interface showing how to select the right size.

This is the procedure for saving the slides as JPEGs in PowerPoint. Go to File> export> Change File Type> click on JPEG File Interchange Format. Click Save As. Pick a location where you want to save the file on your computer. Name the file>click Save. You can then send that file to
This will insure that the slide that you send will be loaded into the Campus VBB show as soon as possible.

History of the VBB and Carousel
The VBB is operated through a web utility called Carousel. Carousel enables FSC to remotely control the campus Video Bulletin Board (VBB). PLAYERS (small computers) are placed at each television monitor that will display the Carousel software. Each PLAYER can be assigned a CHANNEL. CHANNELS can be played at multiple PLAYERS. CHANNELS can have multiple ZONES played on it. ZONES are the areas of the CHANNELS that display message content. ZONES in a CHANNEL can display different types of messages: photographs, video, and TEMPLATES. TEMPLATES are Bulletins that are designed in Carousel and can be quickly added to a ZONE. Using Templates will enable you to add and change messages at anytime from anywhere with an internet connection.

Last Modified 10/13/22