Recording in Microsoft Teams

The recording of virtual sessions may be done with either Black Board Collaborate or Microsoft Teams. We are not advising the use of Google Meet at this time as it has limitations that would affect the saving and retrieval of the video.

Steps to use Black Board Collaborate can be found at the following link:

Below you will find the steps needed to record, save & share your virtual session within Microsoft Teams. Updates and further virtual teaching resources may be found at:

How to record a Microsoft Teams Class/Meeting Session

1. Once you have joined your Teams meeting, you may proceed with recording the session.

2. If you plan to share your screen, click or tap the “Share Content” Icon

Share Screen Image Screenshot within MS Teams

3. Select a sharing option such as your desktop, window or other application window that you would like to share.

4. Click or tap the three-dots icon for More Actions. A menu appears. Select Start Recording.

Image of the Start Recording Dialog

5. Announce to participants that the session will be recorded. Teams will prompt you to do this.

6. A red "recording" dot will appear next to the elapsed meeting time. This record icon indicates your meeting is being recorded.

Image of the red dot showing the meeting is being recorded

7. Once you are done recording, click or tap the three-dots icon for More Actions.

8. From the menu, select "Stop Recording." You will be asked to confirm. Click or tap Stop Recording.

Last Modified 10/13/22