Self Service Password Reset

Below are the steps to register a mobile device for the Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) utility.

Logging into a service like Microsoft, Google, Blackboard, etc, will now require you to register a phone number for text verification and/or a non-Farmingdale email address for email verification.

If you have not gotten prompted to setup SSPR, click on the following link...

Choose or enter your Farmingdale email address.

SSPR Pic 1

Enter your Farmingdale password and click Sign In.

SSPR Pic 2

Select Yes to stay Signed In.

SSPR Pic 3

Click the Set it up now link for phone authentication.

SSPR Pic 4

Select your country or region.

SSPR Pic 5

Enter your mobile phone number and either select text me or call me.

.SSPR Pic 6

If text me was chosen you will receive a text message with the verification code.

SSPR Pic 7

Enter the verification code when prompted and receive an acknowledgement.

SSPR Pic 8

You can either click Finish or register a non-Farmingdale email address.   If you would like to enter a non-Farmingdale email address, select the email Set it up now link and enter your secondary email address.

SSPR Pic 9

Enter the verification code you received from your email when prompted.

Confirmation screen.

SSPR Pic 10

Click Finish.

Last Modified 6/29/21