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School Counselor Information

Our Admissions team is eager to help you and your students discover if Farmingdale is a fit. Whether you have questions about admissions requirements, degree programs, or would like an update on a student's application, we are here for you.

What's New at FSC

  • FSC's Metrics that Matter 
  • We are SAT/ACT optional through Spring 2024
  • School Counselors can create an account on Slate to keep updated on their student's application status.

Admissions Deadlines & Requirements

General Admissions

Application Deadlines

Fall: June 1 (unless noted below)
Spring: January 3 (unless noted below)

Average Scores

HS GPA: 85-93
SAT: 850-1050 (optional)

Specific Admissions Requirements by Major

Each major has their own specific admissions requirements. Be sure to review the programs you are interested in to guide you through your admissions application process.

Student applying to college on a laptop.

Be A Ram!

It all starts with an application. Apply Now!

Beginning August 1, students can apply online for the Fall and Spring semesters.

Incoming Freshman applicants can choose to apply using the SUNY Application or the Common Application.

If you are applying to only SUNY schools, utilize the SUNY Application for all of your applications. If you are applying to both public and private schools, using the Common Application is recommended.


Last Modified 7/14/22