Proposed Lab/Course Fee Information


Course Title

Proposed Fee Amount

BIO 126L Fund of Human Struct & Functio
BIO 135L Marine Science Lab
BIO 190L Zoology Lab
BIO 191L General Biology Lab
BIO 193L Biology II (Zoology) Lab
BIO 223L Principles of Ecology
BIO 225L Parasitology Lab
BIO 235L Marine Biology
BIO 244L Principles of Genetics Lab
BIO 246L Animal Histology Lab
BIO 247L Cell Biology Lab
BIO 295L Vertebrate Physiology Lab
BIO 316L General Microbiology Laborator
BIO 341L Intro to Molecular Bio Lab
BIO 347L Principles of Cell Biology Lab
BIO 352L Plant Pathology Laboratory
BIO 430L Forensic DNA Analysis Lab
BIO 457L Bioinformatics Sen/Project Lab
CHM 112 Chem & Public Interest Lab
CHM 124L Principles of Chemistry Lab
CHM 140L Intro Gen-Organic-Biochem Lab
CHM 152L General Chem Principles I Lab
CHM 153L General Chem Principles II Lab
CHM 260L Fundamentals of Organic CHEM
CHM 270L Organic Chemistry I Lab
CHM 271L Organic Chemistry II Lab
CHM 285L Physiological Chemistry Lab
CHM 324L Intro Chemistry Materials Lab
CHM 380L Biochemistry
CON 207 Elements Strength of Materials
CON 407 Building Commissioning
HOR 201L Arboriculture Lab
HOR 330L Weed Science & Management Lab
HOR 360L Landscape Surveying Skills Lab
MLT 105L Medical Lab Techniques Lab
MLT 223L Hematology
MLT 227L Immunology and Serology Lab
MLT 228L Immunohematology Lab
MLT 243L Clinical Chemistry Lab
MLT 244L Clinical Practice Lab
MLT 257L Clinical Microbiology I (Lab)
MLT 258L Clinical Microbio. II Lab
MLT 423L Advanced Hematogoly Lab
MLT 428L Advanced Immunohematology
NUR 304H Care of Individual (Clinic)
NUR 402H Community & Mental Health NUR
NUR 403H Care of Indiv Exp Acute Clinic