Academic Standards

To remain eligible for Title IV federal aid, students must meet the College's criteria for good academic standards and maintain satisfactory progress toward a degree within a maximum time frame. Click to see  Undergraduate College's Academic Standards Policy for Federal Financial Aid and EOP.  If you have academic history at FSC, you can view your financial aid academic standing from your OASIS account - Financial Aid Status, Academic Progress. Click to see Graduate SAP standards.

Academic Standards for Eligibility in New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)

In order to receive a TAP award a student must be matriculated in a full-time (12 credits or more) approved program in an accredited New York State College.  Only courses that apply to the current degree or certificate can be included. Credits that are above the minimum required for the degree, such as those that apply to a SECOND MAJOR or MINOR ONLY or those that exceed the minimum number of credits in an area where there is a range of credits, CANNOT be included.)

New York State TAP Academic Progress Requirements

Please refer to the following NYS-TAP Academic Progress chart or the link to the HESC website to review the Academic Standard and Program Pursuit Requirement and Charts for TAP.


A student who fails to meet the minimum standards for either Program Pursuit (number of credits completed each semester with a letter grade of A – F or P) or Satisfactory Academic Progress (cumulative number of credits that must be earned and cumulative GPA), may apply for a one-time waiver.

Students who fail to meet the C Average requirement (which must be achieved and maintained after receiving the fourth TAP payment) may apply for a C Average waiver, which may, if circumstances warrant, be issued more than once.

In order to apply for a waiver, a student must present exceptional or extraordinary circumstances which must be documented and approved by the Director Financial Aid at Farmingdale State College and maintained on file at this school for review by HESC when requested. The College will notify HESC when a student has received a one-time waiver. The waiver is not automatically approved.

If the student fails to adhere to HESC TAP requirements regarding a one-time waiver, the College is required to deny the waiver.


If a student transfers into Farmingdale State College from another school, it is their responsibility to have their transcript evaluated by the Transfer Credit Evaluation Office to determine how many credits are actually transferable to this College. Your TAP record follows you from one school to another.


Please note that it is your responsibility to make sure that your school code is correctly listed on your TAP award letter. The School Code for Associate Degree students is 3025 and for Bachelor Degree students is 6025. Graduate students school code for other NYS awards is 5125. An improper School Code could result in a delay in your TAP award or decertification. You can change your school code on the HESC website ( Farmingdale is listed as "SUNY College of Tech at Farmi".