Hagedorn Award Nomination Information

Congratulations to the 2023 Hagedorn Award Recipients:

  • Bryan Mendez Andrade- School of Engineering Technology
  • Usha Begum-School of Arts & Sciences
  •  Aaliyah Green-School of Health Sciences
  • Esther Joy Sherry-School of Business


Founded in 2005, the Hagedorn Foundation's mission was to promote social equity on Long Island, NY. In the decade plus of the foundation's life it gave over $59 million in grants to 195 organizations in the areas of immigration reform, civic engagement and for family, children & youth. Under the leadership of the late Dr. Miriam Deitsch, FSC Distinguished Professor of Sociology, FSC was able to secure a Hagedorn Foundation grant to fund community engaged experiences focused on social justice for FSC students.  

On April 19, 2023, The Nexus OCCE will be awarding the Hagedorn Foundation Award to one student from each school in recognition of their commitment to community engaged social justice work. The event will also serve as a memorial for Dr. Miriam Deitch and her commendable contribution to Farmingdale State College. 

 Award Criteria: 

Awards will be given to four FSC students--one from each school. The award amount is $1,000. 


  • Nominee must be an FSC student in an undergraduate program. 
  • Nominee can self-nominate or be nominated by a Dean, Chair, Faculty or staff member.  
  • A personal statement is required. Letters of recommendation can be included but are not required. 
  • A personal statement written by the nominee is required. It should demonstrate the nominee’s leadership accomplishments, future aspirations, and their dedication to social justice and public service. The nominee should elaborate on how they:  
    • demonstrate participation and commitment to social justice, community and civic engagement; and 
    • address contemporary social, economic, or legal issues impacting the Long Island community or beyond. 
  • All recipients of this award will be invited to attend a Community Engagement Leadership Training. 
  • Nominees must be in good academic standing. 


Application Opens: February 27, 2023 

Application closes: March 24, 2023 

Awardees Announced: April 3, 2023 

Hagedorn Foundation Award Luncheon: April 19, 2023 

Last Modified 4/17/24