Community Engagement Committee

The Community Engagement Committee is a 25 member committee, comprised of faculty, staff and student leadership. There are four subcommittees which focus on: Applied Learning/Curriculum, Finance, Student Engagement and Implementation.

Co-Chairs: Karen Gelles and Dr. Yetunde Odugbesan-Omede

Executive Committee (oversees sub-committees): Matthew Colson, Patricia Lind Gonzalez, Kevin Murphy, Frank Rampello

Applied Learning/Curriculum Sub-Committee: Patricia Lind-Gonzalez, Dr. Ramon Gonzalez, Dr. Micheal Figuccio,  Dr. Michael Motta, Inesa Mott

The Applied Learning/Curriculum Committee will oversee the institutions systematic campus-wide tracking or documentation mechanisms to record and/or track engagement with students and community/corporate partners. This area will be demonstrated by means of a description of active and ongoing mechanisms such as a database, annual surveys, annual activity reports, etc. This committee may also contribute to exploring types of information being tracked such as numbers of students in service-learning courses, numbers of applied learning courses, identity and numbers of partnerships, numbers and types of community- based research projects, faculty led community engaged courses. 

Finance Sub-Committee: Kate Calabrese, Mathew Colson, Dominic Esposito, Keri Franklin

The Finance committee will provide data and review internal budgetary allocations that support institutional engagement with community partners. The purpose of this committee is to assess and track the level of institutional commitment to community engagement in terms of dedicated financial resources. This committee may review and provide when requested financial information or percent of total institutional budget that funds the primary investment and ongoing costs of the infrastructure as well as any other funds dedicated to community engagement, including but not limited to internal incentive grants, faculty fellow awards, teaching assistants for service-learning, scholarships and financial aid related directly to community engagement, and funding for actual engagement projects, programs, and activities.

Student Engagement Sub-Committee:  Destini Buchanan, Kimberly Chong, Lukas Miedrich, Frank Rampello, Deana Ward

The Student Engagement Committee will oversee all student engagement related initiatives, awards, scholarships, events and developments that support and advance the college’s mission of community and civic engagement. The purpose of this committee is to track and assess the presence of dedicated resources and infrastructure for student leadership in community engagement. The presence of such infrastructure indicates commitment as well as increased potential for effectiveness and sustainability.  They will utilize their bandwidth to engage students under their umbrella to increase involvement and assessment in student related initiatives brought forth by this committee.

Implementation Sub-Committee: Danielle Apfelbaum, Dr. LaNina Cooke, Karen Contino, Dr. Deanna Devlin, Karen Gelles, Dr. Michael Fraina, Dr. Dylan Gafarian, Jennifer Jaiswal, Dr. Wenhai Li, Maia Roseval

The Implementation Committee will be responsible for ensuring the 2022-2023 implementation framework is underway. The committee will be responsible in ensuring and actively assisting that all activities and initiatives as outlined in the previous application submission and objective goals for each committee are implemented prior to re-classification submission. Committee members will also provide feedback and ideas on creating sustainable activities and initiatives that highlight civic and community engagement efforts.

Last Modified 4/17/24