Applied Learning Graduation Requirement


Is the AL graduation a requirement for all students? Is it mandatory?

Yes, if you are registered as a bachelor's student at FSC. This is not required for master's program.

How do I fulfill the required applied learning graduation requirement?

Ten hours of approved Applied Learning activity is the minimum for meeting the Applied Learning Graduation Requirement. This can be achieved through course credit, volunteering/community service or internship.

What are the AL category codes in the course listing that relate to community engagement?

Although you can receive AL credit in other categories for different courses, the category codes that are applicable to us are: 

  •  ACCE, AECE for community engagement designated courses
  • ACCS, AECS for community service designated courses
  • ACSL, AESL for service learning designated courses

What do the category codes mean?

Category codes starting with "AC" are full courses and fulfill the  graduation requirement. (10 hours)

Category codes starting with "AE" are enhanced courses and fulfill half of the required graduation. (5 hours)

Where can I find courses that have ALL the designated codes?

Visit,  the Fall 2022 course offerings 

What are non-credit courses but count toward the AL graduation requirements?

View and apply to approved Co-curricular Activities and Nexus Center Experiences in the "Applied Learning Co-curricular Activities" unit on the Axiom Database External link.

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Last Modified 4/17/24