Health and Safety Abroad

The health and safety of all participants is our first priority. We monitor the locations of our programs on a regular basis. We point students in the direction of various resources so they can assess the current conditions at their destination and make the best plans possible for a healthy and safe experience abroad.

Health Insurance

All participants will be enrolled in SUNY approved health insurance through United Health Care. Students who want to arrange for or continue their medical care while they are studying abroad must discuss a treatment plan with their personal physician. Contact UHC with any concerns regarding prescription medications overseas or about whether a particular medication will be available at your destination.

Safety Abroad

It is advised to familiarize yourself with your destination before travel. Understanding cultural norms, the political system, and current events is crucial. The resources listed below should be reviewed.

· U.S. State Department Travel Warnings

· Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

· World Health Organization


Last Modified 10/20/23