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Study Abroad Programs

International Programs:

Farmingdale Programs: There are short-term and semester-long programs available for Farmingdale students. Short-term programs are offered during the winter, summer and possibly a spring or fall break (the student enrolls in one or two classes between one and six weeks). Semester programs last the duration of a semester based on your host country’s schedule. Some schools outside of the United States have different semester start dates. Farmingdale currently offers programs in Cyprus, France, Italy and Spain.

Farmingdale Faculty-Led programs: Faculty-led courses offer a structured study abroad experience that is developed by Farmingdale faculty. This experiential learning component is a way for students to receive full-support while traveling and completing course work abroad. Faculty-led programs are an excellent way to earn credit on a specific topic that is part of your degree program with other Farmingdale students. Typically, the abroad program will complement a semester in the classroom and take place during Thanksgiving, winter, spring or summer break. Keep your eyes open as each year features new faculty-led programs in various locations.

SUNY Programs: Don’t see a Farmingdale program you are interested in? No problem. As a Farmingdale State College student, you are eligible to study abroad on any other SUNY program! We encourage students to check out the SUNY study abroad database which features over 600 programs in more than 100 countries. It is your responsibility to complete all the necessary requirements to apply for that program. You will apply directly to that SUNY, as well as submitting a Farmingdale application. After creating an account, you will be able to log-in and complete your application for that SUNY. You will still remain a registered student at Farmingdale, pay SUNY tuition and be eligible to use financial aid. These credits will appear on your Farmingdale transcript as transfer credits. You will be billed by both institutions. FSC will bill you for tuition and college fees. The host SUNY campus will bill you for the program fees.


SUNY programs by region.

Click on the region below for a list of SUNY programs. This is not a complete list. You should also reference the host SUNY website. 

Domestic Programs:

Farmingdale Domestic Programs: Looking to get out of your comfort zone but stay in the United States? Gain all the benefits of an experiential education without leaving the country by completing an internship in a new city! These programs allow students to temporarily leave their home campus for a semester to gain a new perspective and access to networking opportunities. Internships give students the opportunity to gain real life valuable work experience, an edge in the job market or explore a new career field.

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