Diversity, Equity & Inclusion By The Numbers

At Farmingdale State College, our story continues to evolve as we strive to build an even more diverse and inclusive environment. The data below shows where FSC is today. It showcases the areas where we have made great progress, and indicates the areas where the College can improve our efforts to make FSC a place where everyone feels welcome and valued.


Composition of FSC Students

Over half of FSC students are minorities.

Race 2021
White 47%
Asian 11%
African American 10%
Hispanic 26%
Total Minority Population 51%


FSC is unusual in the share of students who identify as male attending the college.

  Male Female
FSC 59% 41%
SUNY 46% 54%
National 42% 57%


FSC has a slightly higher average age for our undergraduate students than the SUNY-wide average.

  Average Age
FSC 22
National 22


69% of our students worked on paid employment while studying full-time.

  Percent of Students on Paid Employment
FSC 69%
SUNY 58%


Composition of FSC Faculty & Professional Staff

Ethnicity 2021
White 75%
Asian 7%
African American 7%
Hispanic 9%
Total Minority Population 23%


Gender 2021
Male 49%
Female 51%


Equity, Access & Inclusion

Closing the achievement gap and reaching more prospective students are among FSC's top priorities.

  • # of Legal Permanent Residents: 450
  • # of Countries Represented: 66
  • # of Access Programs: 10
  • Number Identifying as LGBTQUIA+: 9%
  • Number of Students Receiving Assistance through the Office of Disability Services: 577 Students
  • Number of Veterans: FSC has 136 Veterans on campus, among of the highest of any SUNY campus.

Retention Success

Our retention rates are impressive. Our minority retention rates are higher than the SUNY average.

First Year Retention Rate of Full Time First Time Baccalaureate Students (2020)

Ethnicity (2020) FSC SUNY
White 77% 81%
Asian 88% 88%
African American 84% 71%
Hispanic 78% 75%


Access Program First Year Retention Rate

Students in Access programs have significantly higher retention and graduation rates at FSC.

Program First Year Retention Rate
TRIO 91.2%
C-Step 95.0%
RAM 88.4%
EOP 90.9%


Graduation Success

Our graduation rate is higher for underrepresented minorities than the SUNY average. However, the graduation rate of White and Asian students is lower than the SUNY average.

6 Year Graduation Rates of Full Time First Time Baccalaureate Students (2015 cohort)

Ethnicity FSC SUNY
White 54% 66%
Asian 45% 59%
African American 52% 49%
Hispanic 52% 51%


Graduation Rate of Access Programs

The graduation rate of the majority of our access programs is significantly higher than the SUNY average.

Program 6 Year Graduation Rate (2015 Cohort)
TRIO 75%
C-Step 76.5%
EOP 45%


Graduation Rate of Disability Services

Students who have identified as having a disability and received assistance from the Disability Services Center have slightly higher graduation rates than the national average.

 Graduation Rate of Students Using Disability Services






Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Horton Hall, Room 130


Dr. Kevin D. Jordan
VP of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusive Excellence and Chief Diversity Officer


Andrea Tew
Administrative Coordinator

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