Building blue prints and model with construction workers

Civil Engineering Technology

The Department of Civil Engineering Technology cultivates technical expertise to design, create, and implement projects for public needs, such as highways, airports, tunnels and bridges.  Students will gain the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to analyze and solve complex challenges that we are facing as infrastructure needs grow.  Graduates help bring people together to live in sustainable and comfortable ways.  Civil Engineering Technologists collaborate with architects and construction teams to improve the ways we travel, work, and thrive.

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Civil Engineering Technology

Lupton Hall 138C/Lupton Hall 138B
Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm


Bahar Zoghi


Daniel Cahill
Instructional Support Associate


Anna Godas
Staff Assistant


June 14th - Last Day to Withdraw (Session A)

June 29th - Summer Session A Ends

July 10th - Summer Session B Begins

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