Substance Education, Prevention, and Outreach

Alcohol and other drug use misuse is a serious public health problem on college campuses across the country. High risk substance use is associated with poor attrition rates, academic failure, mental health issues and interpersonal violence. It is a serious problem, but one that can be prevented!

At Farmingdale State College, we take student health and wellness seriously and are committed to providing students with education, outreach, and prevention efforts to help all students succeed.

Our focus is on prevention and early intervention, and we strive to provide knowledge and resources to individuals so they can take care of themselves. Farmingdale State College uses a multi-dimensional prevention services approach which includes the following five performance domains:

· Planning and evaluation;

· Prevention education and service delivery;

· Communication;

· Community organization;

· Public policy and environmental change;

The mission of Red Watch Band is to provide students with the knowledge, awareness, and skills to prevent toxic drinking deaths and to promote a student culture of kindness, responsibility, compassion and respect.

All students aged 21 and over who live in the residence halls and wish to consume alcohol in FSC residence halls or wish to have their guests aged 21 and over consume alcohol are required to complete Red Watch Band training. Nonresidential students and students under 21 are encouraged to take this training as well.

We offer varying dates and times for the training. The training takes approximately an hour and upon completion students will receive a certificate and sticker that provides proof of the training on their Farmingdale ID card.

An anonymous online tool for students, the 360 Proof Personalized Feedback Index (PFI) is an anonymous online tool that provides individualized feedback about one's alcohol use. Easy to complete from either a computer or mobile device in approximately 15 minutes, the PFI immediately delivers confidential judgment-free results that include strategies specifically recommended for each individual user based on their responses. Personalized feedback is intended to help students examine and ultimately minimize the impacts of alcohol on their health, finances, relationships, and academics. 

To access the PFI, visit the link above, type "Farmingdale State College" and click "Launch"

Immediately after completion of the PFI, you will receive feedback allowing you to see how your alcohol use compares to other college students who drink. Students who take part in the PFI may come to recognize that consuming alcohol may cause excessive absenteeism and academic difficulties. These behaviors along with other distractions can lead to procrastination, which can result in academic difficulties. These behaviors, along with other distractions, can lead to procrastination – which can result in academic failure. 

Currently enrolled FSC students can reach out to the campus’ Prevention Specialist, Kimberly Chong, for further assistance interpreting their PFI results. 

For more information about substance abuse and environmental prevention, check out the links below:




Kimberly Chong, MPH, CHES

Farmingdale State College, through a collaboration with the New York State Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS) has a Prevention Specialist on campus Monday through Friday to provide alcohol and other drug prevention/brief intervention services to Farmingdale State College students.

Reach out to Farmingdale State College’s Prevention Specialist Kimberly Chong, MPH, CHES at or call 934-420-5411.


Last Modified 12/12/23