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Urban Horticulture & Design

The Department of Urban Horticulture & Design has deep roots at Farmingdale State College, with a storied past dating back more than 100 years, when the institution opened its doors as an agricultural school.

The department blends traditional techniques with cutting-edge technology. There are three degree options for people who are passionate about soil and seed, blooming flowers, and creative landscapes. Growing strong roots in the green industry on Long Island begins here.

Green Connections

Over the years, the Department of Urban Horticulture & Design has developed a strong partnership with the local horticulture industry, since many local professionals complete their training at Farmingdale. Our students are strong candidates for scholarships, internships, and job positions. Links on the right-hand side of this page provide in-depth information about these wonderful opportunities. Students are also encouraged to visit the main office in Thompson Hall 202, to view listing opportunities.

Diverse Learning Environment 

Horticulture students learn their skills in the department's classrooms, studios, labs, and greenhouses. Perhaps most important is our "living" classroom, the renowned Robert F. Ench Teaching Gardens. Beyond its iron gates rest 5+ acres of theme gardens that are carefully designed, planted, maintained, and treasured by students as an integral component of their training, during the semester and as part of our Summer Garden Intern Program. Helping maintain the Gardens is also among the extracurricular activities completed by the student Horticulture Club.

Explore Our Gardens

The Gardens are also a source of inspiration and education for the campus and Long Island community. Please come and visit! To learn more about the Ench Teaching Garden's rich past and present extensive collections, visit our exclusive interactive database. The database is searchable and contains detailed information about the gardens, plant materials, structures, and continued research and documentation. Our interactive database offers anyone, regardless of time or season, the opportunity to enjoy a virtual tour. Like the Gardens, the database continues to evolve over time.

Dramatic gates to the horticulture gardens with tall green plants and colorful flowers in the distance.

Garden Photography

Professional Garden Photography

Can you imagine the photos for your wedding or other special occasion set against a backdrop of beauty? The Teaching Gardens are a stunning location to capture everlasting memories.  

Those interested in professional photography in the Teaching Gardens MUST secure permission and a formal appointment BEFORE taking pictures. A nominal fee is charged for upkeep of the facilities. To obtain more information and reserve your date, please complete the Request for Professional Photography form.


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