History of EOP

The idea for the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) came into existence during the Civil Rights Movement when equal rights were being sought for people of color. Two fervent and dedicated civil rights leaders by the name of Percy E. Sutton and Deputy Speaker Arthur Eve spearheaded the 1966 legislation establishing programs such as the EOP in the State Education of New York System and the SEEK (Search for Education Elevation and Knowledge) Program in the City College of New York and Queens College. The EOP has been graduating successful students ever since!

In 1964, the SUNY Board of Trustees realized that there were talented yet educationally underprepared students in our cities, suburbs, and rural areas.  They stated, "...every student capable of completing a program in higher education shall have the opportunity to do so." Thus, the vision of the Educational Opportunity Program was born. In 1970, the Legislature approved funding for this program on all state campuses and community colleges. Currently, 50 of the 64 SUNY campuses operate an EOP for eligible, accepted students.

The Educational Opportunity Program at Farmingdale State College is committed to excellence and seeks students who are motivated and willing to work to achieve their goals. A large majority of EOP students are first generation college students. 

Educational Opportunity Program

Knapp Hall, Room 115
934-420-5222 (fax)

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Alicia L Cesar, Ed.D. 
Director of Educational Opportunity Program


Kerri Porcelli
Administrative Assistant


Nateisha Reid
EOP Counselor


Kwame Insaidoo, Jr
EOP Counselor


Margaret Pettit
Academic Coordinator

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