STS Senior Capstones (Spring 2024)

  •  SUMMER 2024 Capstones will be posted Feb. 13, 2024 

As a graduation requirement, all STS students must complete a senior capstone course during their final year. All capstones satisfy the Applied Learning and Writing Intensive College graduation requirements. Students can either take STS 400W - Senior Seminar or STS 401W - Internship. Students who wish to register for either capstone must have completed at least 90 credits. Students cannot register for the capstone on their own. If interested in registering for STS 400W - Senior Seminar, please contact Kathy and she can help you register for the course. If interested in registering for STS 401W - Internship, please contact STS Internship Coordinator, Prof Karin Huijgens.

Senior Seminars

STS 400W - Senior Seminar - Human Services  (two sections offered)
Prof. Karin Huijgens | On Campus | Mon/Wed 1:40pm - 2:55pm | 3 credits | CRN: 21387 
Prof. Karin Huijgens | On Campus | Tue/Thu 3:05pm - 4:20pm | 3 credits | CRN: 21655
In this capstone course students will integrate STS skills and knowledge learned, and apply this to the field of human services. The course will address the current multidisciplinary problems facing this field. Topics will include homelessness, food insecurity, structure of social service programs and insurances, mental health, and legal issues including immigration. Students will evaluate the application of personal ethics, setting of boundaries, and dealing with stress for providers of human services. In addition, the course will assist students in preparing for their career after graduation. This will include resume writing and interview skills. 

STS 400W - Senior Seminar - Critical Thinking and the Social Brain
Dr. Amanda Kavner | On Campus | Mon/Wed 10:50pm - 12:05pm | 3 credits | CRN: 24820 
As a culmination for the Science, Technology and Society program, this capstone seminar will be focusing on social influences on how we think and feel, including social interaction, how we communicate online, and how they can influence our perceptions about the world. This course will address the biological processes behind learning and communicating (social cognition), the mental and psychological mechanisms behind how we experience the social world and related technological implications through analytical writing. This capstone aims to help prepare students in their careers outside of education by fostering critical thinking and scientific writing skills, as well as focusing on the neurological basis for social interaction and how social interaction is affected by technology in their personal and professional lives.

STS 400W - Senior Seminar - Environmental Sustainability *****CANCELLED*****
Dr. David Stern | Thu 5:55pm - 8:35pm | 3 credits | CRN 25663
The overall focus of the course will be the integration of skills learned at the college with its application on assessing current technological problems. Special emphasis will be on environmental sustainability. Topics will include population, climate change, renewable energy, sustainable economics and water and air resources. Information technologies such as GIS and GPS will be explored. Preparation for addressing students’ plans after graduation (whether further study in graduate school or a professional career) will be included.

STS 400W - Senior Seminar - Academic Research & Report Writing (two sections offered) 
Prof. Michael Passero | ONLINE | 3 credits | CRN: 24485
Prof. Michael Passero | ONLINE | 3 credits | CRN: 21928
This capstone seminar serves as a culminating experience for the Science, Technology, and Society program. The final goal of this course will be for students to conduct academic research and generate research abstracts, sentence outlines, a professional oral presentation, and professional report on a topic of their choosing. While the curriculum is broad-based in scope, lectures will pay particular attention to the fundamental concepts of academic research, oral communication, and written communication.


STS 401W - Internship 
Prof. Francesca Polo | ONLINE | 3 credits | CRN: 21403
This course is designed for Science, Technology and Society (STS) majors who wish to complete a semester-long (or equivalent) internship as part of their course of study. Students may choose an internship at a corporation or a civic, educational, governmental, or not-for- profit organization after consultation with and permission of the department chair. Any internship should support learning outcomes and/or career development in the sciences, technology, and/or society. Enrollment in this course is restricted to students with senior status in the STS Program. Students enrolled in an internship will meet periodically with their advisor and will be required to submit internship notes and both a draft and final report of the internship experience at the end of the semester. This is a writing-intensive course. Prerequisite(s): Senior status in STS program and approval of Department Chair

Students who wish to pursue an internship must contact the STS Internship Coordinator, Prof Karin Huijgens

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