Research in Psychology

The Applied Psychology program at Farmingdale State College is home to a wide variety of researchers working in several fields of psychology. Faculty conduct research in their areas of specialization and interest.

Participating in Research

Students enrolled in a Psychology course are eligible to participate in research in exchange for up to 10 credits in their course. To participate in research, click here.

Getting Involved in Research

During your senior year in the Applied Psychology program, you will be required to complete 90 hours (per semester) in an internship, research assistantship, or an independent project. Getting involved in research is a rewarding experience that will help you prepare for graduate studies and future employment. To view faculty research interests, click here.

Laboratory Spaces

Below is a listing of the research labs utilized by the Psychology Department. If you are participating in research and not sure where to go, please go back to SONA system (where you signed up for the study) to learn the location of the study you are involved in. Note: it may be an online study. Please check SONA.

  • Whitman 253: This large computer laboratory has the ability to collect 30+ samples at a time and is outfitted with the stimulus presentation software, Superlab. 
  • Knapp 15: This laboratory contains an EEG headset for measuring attention, visual recognition, and brainwave activity. This lab also contains an Eyetracker which can measure where your eyes go first in any given task, how long you look at something, and how frequently you return to a certain spot. 




Last Modified 9/13/23