Students First Grants

Students First Grants advance Farmingdale State College as a learner-centered institution by providing support that enhances classroom teaching, applied learning, co-curricular activities, and assessment.

This is a competitive internal peer-reviewed grants program beginning in 2011 with support from a Title III “Strengthening Institutions” Grant awarded to Farmingdale State College by the U.S. Department of Education. This successful and important program now continues with support from the Provost's Office.

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Previous Winners of Students First Grants below to see what they have done with their awards!

Publications by Students First Grant Winners

Students First Grant Winners

Name Project Title Filter
Supriya Karmakar Enhancing Electrical Engineering Students' Learning Using Combination of Demonstration and In-Class Activities 2019
Glen Hinckley Pilot of a Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience in Chemistry 2019
Travis Holloway Two New Gen Ed Philosophy Courses with Student-Centered Pedagogy that Replace Upper-Level PHI Electives 2019
Chiara De Santi Italian Food Culture and History 2019
Timothy Nicholson and Clare Forstie Critical Thinking in the Age of Fake News: A Learning Community 2019
Kathleen Cino Redesign of NUR 216 Art of Nursing 2019
Alexandra Giordano The Use of Emerging Technologies in Humanities/Art History Curriculum 2019
DonnaMarie Flumignan Peer Mentoring Nursing Student Outreach and Civic Engagement Program 2019
Wei Hay An Integrated Learning Approach of Strategic Communication 2019
DonnaMarie Flumignan Lessons from the Holocaust: Ethics and Leadership for Nursing Students 2019
Christine Antonetti and Jean Acton WED Ed (Writing, Entertainment, Design Education) 2019
Dylan Gafarian RAM Alternative Spring Break 2019
Erwin Cabrera Research Beyond FSC 2019
Grace Zhao 3D Printing, Applied Learning and Creative Thinking 2019
Kelsey Russell and Kristy Nix Leadership Academy 2019
Jill O'Sullivan and Brandon Barroca Learning By Doing Through Challenges in a Hackathon 2019
Mohamad Zoghi Moghadam Engineering Student Poster Presentation 2019
Fatoma Rad and Kathryn Machin Beyond the Book: Non-traditional library collections student success 2019
Amitabha Bandyopadhyay Assessing Team Work with Extended Applied and Natural Science of ABET Requirements 2019
Heather Kirkwood Student Perceptions of Online Course Delivery Mechanisms 2019
Orla Smyth LiPiccolo Assessment of the Architectural Engineering Technology Program 2019
Marya Howell-Carter and Jennifer Nieman-Gonder Writing Across Psychology Department Courses 2019
Gonca Altuger-Genc Enhancing Student Learning with Revised Bloom's Taxonomy-based Hands-on Exercises 2018
Jennifer Brady & Margery Brown Identity and Self Discovery — a first year writing composition course that centers on the theme of identit 2018
Susan Candia & Jeanifferer Vila Exploring Cultural Myths in America – a Learning Community 2018
Dandan Chen Screening Asia: Global Asian Cultures in the Digital Age 2018
LaNina Cooke Law Enforcement and Community Relations Project-Based Learning 2018
Tanya Maurer & Brian McFadden Enhancing Teaching by offering a Learning Community in which entering students examine US Society through the study of English and Speech 2018
Stephen Patnode & Katelynn DeLuca E Pluribus None? Studying American Principles and Society 2018
Manju Prakash & Lloyd Makarowitz Engaging Non-Science Majors in a Stimulating Physical Science Laboratory Course 2018

Marie Pullan

Programming for Non-Programmers: Developing IOS 10 Apps Using Xcode and Swift 2018
Daniel Weinman & Jeff Hung Improve teaching in MET freshmen courses, MET104 Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) and MET117 Manufacturing Processes, by means of a learning community and project based learning 2018
Worku T. Bitew Mathematical Modeling and Optimization in Resource and Environmental Management 2018
Michaela Porubanova Applied Learning through a Study Abroad Class: History of Psychology: A European Journey through Germany and Switzerland 2018

Jessica Bernadotte & Michelle Kriegel

Enhancing Social Engagement Through a Peer to Peer Mentorship Program 2018
Erwin Cabrera Application Preparedness Workshop 2018
Erica Feldherr RAM Freshman Experience Summer Transition 2018
Megan Margino Student Research Poster Day 2018
Kim O'Hara & Jennifer Bryer Building Interest in the Nursing Profession Among Students from Underserved Groups: A Mentorship Approach 2018
Dipendra Regmi & Chunhui Yu Promoting Mathematics Learning through Math Club Activities 2018
Michael Veracka Student Poster Presentation Competition in Landscape Sustainability and Design 2018
Qing Ai Teaching Category: Active Language Learning in Elementary Spanish Classroom 2017
David Byrne Teaching Category: Learning by Doing: CSI Comes Alive 2017
Lorraine Goldsmith & Stuart Chaskes Teaching Category: Engaging New Biology Majors in the Study of Biological Principles I & II 2017
Angela Jones Teaching Category: Visual Sociology: An Experiential Learning Course on Social Justice 2017
Jie Li Teaching Category: Employ Virtualization Technology in Introductory Operating System Course to Enhance Experiential Learning 2017
Evan Cooper Co-Curricular Category: Student Presentation of Original Research at 2017 Eastern Sociological Society Meeting 2017
George Fernandez Co-Curricular Category: The Role of "Propaganda" and American Illustrators in Shaping a Nations Decisions to Enter WWI 2017
Vicki Janik & Howard Gold Co-Curricular Category: 21st Century Digital and Professional Communication 2017
Mihaela Radu Co-Curricular Category: Mentoring Students Research in Fault Tolerant Digital Systems 2017
Christine Sacco-Sanchez & Mohamad Zoghi Co-Curricular Category: Transitional Pipeline: Connecting Education to Industry 2017
Sarbjit Singh Co-Curricular Category: A Time to Lead: A Sports Career Exploration Workshop for FSC Women 2017
Lynette Tiger Co-Curricular Category: Alpha Eta Rho Field Trip 2017
Noel H. Brathwaite & Aaron Howell Exploring the Impact of Culture Ecologies on Individual Culture Identity (Two-course Learning Community) 2016
Danden Chen Encounter, Nationalism, and Trade in Modern History 2016
Jing Feng Develop Inter-cultural Effectiveness through Reflective Learning 2016
Saman Talib Integrating Digital Citizenship[ in Culture and Communications Curriculum 2016
Lei Miao Engaging Students in Microcontroller based Real-Time Sensing and Control 2016
Elizabeth Salnave & Angela McAleese AAIC Moving Forward with Mobile Technology 2016
John Kubin Student research project in vanadium redox flow batteries 2016
Susan Katz & Joanne Graham Promoting Nursing Student Civic Engagement through National Certification as Child Passenger Safety Technicians 2016
Jeff Hung Campuswide student poster presentation competition in Energy and Sustainability 2016
Jack Simonson Manufacture and Assembly of 360° 3D Scanner Platform 2016
Doug Kim & Yeong Ryu Fixture Design and Creation to Supplement Machining and Fuel Cell Education 2016
Donna Proper Assessment of the Senior Project Capstone Courses of the Farmingdale State College Visual Communications: Art & Graphic Design Baccalaureate experience 2016
Abeba Mussa & Xu Zhang The Assessment of Senior Students in Applied Economics Program of Farmingdale State College 2016
Erin Gonzalez & Margery Brown EGL 101: Writing for Interpersonal Relationships 2015
Allison McGovern & Anjana Mebane-Cruz Understanding Landscapes of Inequality on Long Island 2015
Thurlough M. Smyth & Jeffrey S. Gaab Integrating Reacting Games in Freshman-level Introduction to Politics Course 2015
Gonca Altuger-Genc Research Experience on Design and Development of Simulations for a Mechanical Engineering Technology Course 2015
Lawrence Lopez Participation in National Intercollegiate Flying Association (NIFA) Regional Competition 2015
Orla LoPiccolo Visit, Video, Verify and Win! 2015
Carla A Martin Enriched Student Learning Through Directed Research: Examining the Correlation between Macrophage Maturation and Survival under Stress 2015
Michaela Porubanova Involvement of a Psychology Major student in research in the area of human cognition 2015
Mihaela Radu Developing Hands-On Experiments to Improve Students Learning via Activities outside the Classroom 2015
Nanda Viswanathan & Lorraine Greenwald Enhancing Global Awareness Through Peer to Peer Mentoring 2015
Nancy Winters Effects of a Super User Program 2015
Chunhui Yu & Worku T. Bitew Career Development for Financial Mathematics Students 2015
Jeffrey Gaab Reimagining Student Learning Outcomes Assessment for a New Millennium. 2015
Shane G. Owens Assessment of the Effects of Focusing on Sleep Functioning in Campus Mental Health Services 2015
Tino Posillico Computer Forensics – Making It Real 2014
Ilknur Aydin & Sheryl Schoenacher Establishing a Women in Computing Association 2014
Patti Cantamessa From rote learning to critical thinking: Preparing freshman nursing students for success. 2014
Eric Farina & Susan Sutton Homecoming: The Veteran Experience in American Culture 2014
Victor Huang Faculty-guided Student Research in Biochemistry 2014
Angela Jones Making Gender Visible: A Lecture by Michael Kimm 2014
Frances Santiago-Schwarz Mentoring FSC students in Immunology Research. 2014
Sarbjit Singh Up Close and Personal - A Content-Rich Career Trip to the Brooklyn Nets 2014
Laura McMullin & Frank Rampello Strengthening Student Engagement 2014
Annemarie Rosciano & Frances Cherkis Does a Peer Review NCLEX-RN(National Council Licensure Exam) Course Increase the Pass Rate for Associate and Baccalaureate Nursing Student Graduates on the NCLEX-RN Exam? 2014
Christine Sacco-Sanchez Supplemental Writing Program 2014
Robert Elgart & Joseph Laura Discipline-related projects designed to substitute for the medical microbiology lab exercises taken by Dental Hygiene students. 2013
Luisa Nappo-Dattoma The Redesign and Enhancement of the Existing Course DEN 203: Principles of Nutrition for the Oral Health Professional Utilizing Blended Learning (Hybrid Course). 2013
Stephen Patnode & Marcia Littenberg This land is my land. Or is it? Studying the environment and society in a learning community. 2013
Xu Zhang Engaging students through the use of discussion, problem solving, and I-clickers in Economics 156. 2013
John L. Browne & Uma Balaji Design, fabrication, and evaluation of circuits in modern wireless communication systems. 2013
Michael De Castro Demystifying organic chemistry. 2013
John Gao Mentoring students in forensic criminal justice research database. 2013
M. Nazrul Islam Enhancing student learning process through applied research projects in forensic and security imaging. 2013
Jill O'Sullivan Formula SAE engineering, APICS and ERP collaboration. 2013
Janice Rivera EOP summer institute 2012 pilot expansion program. 2013
Hazem Tawfik Special training and research program planned for summer 2012 and beyond for MET Senior Students on the operation and utilization of Gas Chromatography (GC) in the implementation of their senior research projects. 2013
Jeff Hung Strengthen the Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET) BS program through individual course assessment 2013
Rowland Ramdass Assessment of a Study Abroad Course 2013
George Fernandez & Laurie Rozakis Writing and Designing Your Future: A Learning Community that combines English Composition with Art and Graphic Design 2012
Orla Lopiccolo Teaching First Year Architecture Students Passive House Technology through Active Problem-Based Learning and a Field Trip to Sustainable Buildings 2012
Larry Menna Reacting to the Past: Teaching American History as Living History 2012
Marie Pullan Building and Programming LEGO® MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 Robotics in the Introductory Computer and Information Systems Course 2012
Ann Shapiro & Sarbjit "Sab" Singh Foundations for Growth: A Learning Community that Combines English Composition with Introduction to Business Management 2012
Brian Thoms Online Social Networking to Support Teaching and Learning at Farmingdale State College 2012
Adam Filios & Yeong Ryu Enhancing Student-centered Learning through Undergraduate Research in Photovoltaics 2012
Sarah Gross Engaging Bioscience Students in a Biomedical Research Project on the Herpesvirus Lifecycle 2012
Jonathan Lehrer Enrichment of Horticulture Education through Student Involvement in Restoration of the Teaching Gardens Pinetum 2012
Mohammad Zoghi & Dimitrios Maltezos Manufacturing Conference: Projects Designed and Manufactured by Freshman Students in Manufacturing Classes. 2012
Jennifer Bryer Peer Tutoring Program for Academic Success of Returning Nursing Students 2012
Christine Sacco-Sanchez FSC Writing Center's Live Chat Online Tutoring 2012
Robert Crocker Assessing the effectiveness of virtual anatomy and physiology laboratory exercises in improving student learning. 2012

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