Collage of images including a young woman with her head down and an alcoholic drink next to her, a support group of people holding hands, and a young man sitting on the floor with drugs and drugs paraphernalia strewn on the floor.

Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention Team (ADAPT)

Farmingdale ADAPT is a campus community coalition hosted at Farmingdale State College and funded through the OASAS Environmental Prevention Grant. In 2017, the College was awarded this grant and will receive $125,000 annually for five years.

The mission of the coalition is to promote substance abuse prevention, resiliency and community engagement surrounding health trends at Farmingdale State College and in the Farmingdale Community; while supporting, educating and increasing community awareness on adapting to life's challenges.

Meetings are open to all students, faculty, and community members.

Shed the Meds!

On 4/27/19 for National Drug Take Back Day Farmingdale ADAPT co-hosted a shed the meds event with the United Methodist Church in Farmingdale Village. The Nassau County Second Precinct South Police collected the medication at the event and the Community Action for Social Justice collected sharps at the event. 

  • 110 cars/people dropped off at the event
  • 55 pounds of medication was collected
  • 48 Gallons of sharps were collected
  • 14 people got trained in Narcan
  • Shed the Meds Event Wrap Up

Social Norms Campaign

Through a 2017 survey administered by the University at Buffalo Research Institute on Addictions to 363 FSC students with a 15.41% response rate we were able to gather substance related data on FSC campus.

  • 69% of FSC students only have 1-3 drinks during a night out.
  • 40% of FSC students don't drink alcohol.
  • 97% of FSC students haven't let alcohol affect their academics.
  • 83% of FSC students don't vape nicotine.
  • 77% of FSC students don't smoke marijuana.

Drug and alcohol PSA's

In June of 2020 amid the Coronavirus pandemic Farmingdale ADAPT, worked to create two drug and alcohol PSA's to reach out to students and community members, reminding them to reach out for help during this difficult time.



There are no upcoming events at this time. Check back soon for upcoming events.

ADAPT coalition

Health & Wellness Center
Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm


Kelsey Russell
Director of Disability Services Center

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