Qualtrics and Accessibility

Qualtrics is a web-based service available to all Farmingdale students, faculty and staff for creating and deploying publicly accessible surveys.

To Login to Qualtrics, Visit http://farmingdale.qualtrics.com .External link

When you have respondents who use third-party screen readers (like JAWS) and you need to meet accessibility standards, it’s important to make sure all surveys are as accessible as possible. Qualtrics provides a "Check Survey Accessibility" feature that helps diagnose surveys, indicates which questions are inaccessible, and gives other recommendations for increased accessibility to help survey creators towards WCAG 2.0 AA (and Section 508) compliant surveys.

While the Qualtrics survey platform includes this accessibility feature, many aspects of the accessibility of surveys depend on choices made by survey creators. Not every question type in Qualtrics is accessible to screen-reading programs, so survey creators must always choose the question types that are accessible.

Question Type Accessibility

Below are lists detailing which question types are accessible and which are not. Only use questions that are listed in the "Accessible Question Types" column. Please contact accessibility@farmingdale.edu for any question regarding accessible or inaccessible question types.

Accessible Question Types Inaccessible Question Types
  • Descriptive Text
  • Graphic (if alt text is added)
  • Multiple Choice
  • Matrix - (except Bipolar and Maxdiff)
  • Text Entry
  • Side by Side
  • Drill Down
  • Timing
  • Meta Info
  • File Upload
  • Net Promoter® Score
  • Captcha Verification
  • Signature
  • Slider
  • Rank Order
  • Pick, Group, and Rank
  • Matrix - (Bipolar and Maxdiff)
  • Constant Sum
  • Graphic Slider
  • Hot Spot
  • Heat Map

Inaccessible Question Types Location in Qualtrics

Do not use these questions in your surveys as they are not accessible for screen readers.  If you need any alternatives to these questions, please contact accessibility@farmingdale.edu.

Inaccessible question types in Qualtrics.

How to Make Accessible Surveys

  1. Use a descriptive name for the survey.
  2. Add "alt" descriptions to all images you add to your surveys.
  3. Include a header in your "Look & Feel," and wrap it around HTML tags as shown below:
    <h1>Header Text</h1>
  4. If you are using a dropdown question type (such as a Multiple Choice dropdown or a Drill Down), you must include a description of the number of possible choices in the question text.
  5. Always double-check the contrast, color schemes, and font size in your Rich Content Editor or Look & Feel when taking color-blind and other visually impaired respondents into account.

Please visit the Qualtrics Accessibility support page for a complete set of instructions on how to make accessible surveys.

Last Modified 6/3/20