Wake Up! with UHS: FAQs (January 2022)

Spring 2022 Registration 

What is the timeline for Spring registration?

Registration request deadline: Thursday February 10th, 2022

Payment deadline: Friday March 4th, 2022

Where can I access the registration link and instructions?

Written instructions and video walkthroughs can be found via the link below:


The application can be found at the following link:


Where is the prerequisite guide?

How can students, parents or UHS instructors access the University in the High School Virtual Office Hours?

The schedule for office hours is TBD and will be announced on the UHS Online Registration and Payment Instructions page, linked above

Fall 2021 Grading

How will I receive grading information?

UHSOffice has sent the instructions to high school contacts via UHSOffice@farmingdale.edu  

When does Fall 2021 grading open?

Grading for Fall 2021 courses will begin on Wednesday, January 26th at 8:30AM and close on Friday, February 11th at 4:30PM.

Please note Year 2021-22 courses grade in June 2022. 

How do I login and grade my students?

End of Term Surveys

How do students receive end of term surveys?

Students will receive the end of term surveys link via the email address they have provided to their online system. If they are not seeing correspondences, please advise them to check their spam/junk folder.

What is the deadline for the students to submit the surveys?

The deadline to submit Fall 2021 end of term surveys is Tuesday, February 1st, 2022.

Who sees the students' submissions? 

University in the High School shares the information with the instructor. Instructors will receive a link to access the results submitted by their students. Only instructors will have access to the results. The results won’t be shared anywhere else and are strictly for improvement and feedback purposes. 

New Course/Instructor Applications

Can I run a duplicate course through FSC and another university/college?

Unfortunately no, high school partners must make the decision to partner with one school or another. This applies only to duplicate course(s) (i.e. running  MTH 110 with Farmingdale State College and another university/college at the same time) 

Still could use some help? Email us and we will get back to you shortly.

university in the high school

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Francine Federman, PhD
Assistant Dean, College High School Programs


Laura McMullin
Assistant Director, University in the High School


V. Patty McCormick
Program Coordinator


Jennifer Dalton
Staff Assistant 


Michele Holden
Staff Assistant 

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