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University in the High School

University in the High School

Farmingdale State College helps bridge the gap between high school and college-level study through University in the High School (UHS). UHS allows students to earn college credit, at reduced tuition, for a college-level course they take at their high school. These credits can be used to pursue a degree at Farmingdale or transferred to another institution.

Participating in college-level work while in high school will undoubtedly contribute to students overall development and success, and may help students reach their academic goals.

Since UHS courses are not categorized as tuition, enrollment does not impact future Financial Aid. Farmingdale State College counts them as fees; therefore they are ineligible for a 1098-T or any other tax form.

What is Concurrent Enrollment?

Many high schools offer multiple types of courses in which students have the opportunity to earn college credits. It is important that students understand the differences between programs and choose the one that will be most beneficial for them. The University in the High School Program offers concurrent enrollment courses. Concurrent enrollment are college-credit bearing courses taught to high school students by college-approved high school teachers. These designated UHS course sections are more rigorous, regardless of the amount of students that enroll for college credit. 

Benefits of Participation


  • Earn college credits while in high school.
  • Start your college career with FSC early!
  • College credits earned are represented on a FSC transcript and include a GPA
  • Courses may also be easily transferable to other colleges and universities.
  • May accelerate degree completion and: Lower the overall cost of college
  • Lighten your first semester course load, which may reduce stress during your freshman year
  • Create more time to devote to electives, or internships and other co-curricular activities
  • Allow you to graduate from college earlier

It is important that students understand that once they register for a UHS course, they have started a college transcript. The class will become part of their permanent academic record. Students may choose to continue their education at FSC, or use the FSC transcript to apply for transfer credit at another institution. 


Important Dates
FSC University in the High School

03/12 Partners Meeting Breakfast

Tuesday 03/12/ 2024 - 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM 


National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP)

The Accreditation Commission of the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) awarded accreditation to Farmingdale State College's University in the High School Program on May 1st, 2020. 

The 2019-20 Chair of NACEP's Accreditation Commission Dr. Diana Johnson of NorthWest Arkansas Community College remarked: "I'm very pleased to recognize the Concurrent Enrollment Program at Farmingdale State College as one of a select group of one hundred and sixteen concurrent enrollment partnerships nationwide accredited through NACEP's extensive peer-review process. Farmingdale State College has demonstrated to its peers that the college courses it offers in high schools are of the same high quality as college courses offered on campus."

For more information, please see the following announcement.


University in the High School Events

There are no upcoming University in the High School events at this time. Check back soon for upcoming events.

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Francine Federman, PhD
Assistant Dean


Laura McMullin
Assistant Director


V. Patty McCormick
Program Coordinator


Onsy Elshamy
Assistant Director of Operations 


Jennifer Dalton
Support Specialist


Michele Holden
Administrative Staff Assistant II 

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