PHEV Workshop

The intermediate plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) course provides an introduction to hybrid engine technology. This course is a part of series of courses for PHEV training. The suggested targets for this course are professional auto workers.

The concept of hybrid technology along with its history will be discussed. A brief explanation on air standard thermodynamic cycles will be included. The definition of efficiency and advantages and disadvantages of using hybrid technology will be highlighted. Different designs of hybrid electric vehicles will be analyzed. This course also covers the safety and maintenance procedures of hybrid vehicles. The selected topics are listed below:

  • Concept of hybrid
  • Introduction to thermodynamics
  • Power cycles
  • Environmental impact
  • Power sources
  • Efficiency
  • Electrical machines
  • Energy storage
  • Design of HEV
  • Maintenance and service
  • Equipment and tools
  • Safety

Course details:

This is an online course which is offered over an eight-week period. All communication, announcements, course material, homework/project assignments, examinations and any other course related activities are done using Angel Distant Learning Tool. There are eleven modules covering the course materials. For each module, homework is given and upon the completion of the modules the students will be given an examination.


  • The deadline for payment is one week prior to the selected workshop date.
  • Register before deadline: $600
  • Register after deadline: $695

Recommended for:

  • Professional Auto Workers
  • General public with basic understanding of internal combustion engines and electrical principles

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