Rolling mountain with the wind turbines in the distance.

Renewable Energy & Sustainability Center

The mission of the Renewable Energy and Sustainability Center (RESC) is to enhance public awareness of emerging renewable energy resources through a focus on applied research and workforce training in the renewable/sustainable and smart grid technologies. The center is housed in the School of Engineering Technology (SET) and offers complementary training programs in other technology and manufacturing areas to serve the workforce needs of Long Island.

This mission is achieved through the following objectives:

  • Promote applied research in Renewable/Sustainable and Smart Grid Technologies.
  • Create a forum for FSC Faculty to develop collaborative research grant proposals in energy related projects and share resources.
  • Collaborate with engineering professional societies and local industry as well as the local and regional academic institutions to offer technical seminars and short courses to industry professionals and public in the area of energy, sustainability and engineering education.
  • Show case Long Island's first Smart Energy Campus in conjunction with PSEG Long Island, with a focus on smart grid technology, building automation and integration of renewable energy resources.
  • Implement live demonstration models emulating customer-owned equipment on renewable energy resources (e.g., wind, solar, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles) with smart grid technology and real time displays.
  • Develop "STEM" K-16 student research and training programs for students and teachers, with the goal of integration of energy related projects and curriculum modules into K-16 curriculum.
  • Develop certificate-level training programs in renewable energy resources for green technology, power, energy and manufacturing as well as energy security to serve the industry's workforce needs.
  • Synergize and incorporate the activities of the Solar Energy Center, Green Building Institute and IRTT into Long Island's Renewable Energy and Sustainability Center (RESC) with focus on solar, small scale wind, geothermal, fuel cell, green data centers, alternative fuel vehicles and smart grids.

EV Symposium and Ride and Drive

Farmingdale State College, partnered with Empire Clean Cities and the National Association of Fleet Administrators (NAFA) hosted an EV Symposium and Ride and Drive Event on Friday, October 14th, 2022. With a focus on consumer and fleet electric vehicles, this event covered the industry, where it stands today and where it will be moving forward.


Certifications and Accomplishments

    REV Campus Challenge 2020                                      2022 Earth Month Certificate of Recognition

REV Campus Achiever 2020                                      511NYRideshare Gold Certificate

RESC Events

There are no upcoming RESC events at this time. Check back soon for upcoming events.

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