Certified Geothermal Inspector

The two day comprehensive Inspector Workshops are designed for Code Enforcing Inspectors for city, and state governments. The Inspector's course would benefit installers, developers, architects, manufacturers, distributors, dealers, HVAC contractors, trenching/drilling contractors, and anyone who desires a working knowledge of how to inspect this innovative technology. Representatives from public utilities, private utilities, and rural electric cooperatives can also benefit from training. Information gathered from the workshop can help utility representatives serve as a source of information regarding money-saving concepts.


After successful completion of the inspector's workshop you will receive a years' membership with IGSHPA. Upon passing the IGSHPA inspector's exam and certification approval you will be classified as an IGSHPA Certified Inspector of GSHP systems. You will then receive an inspector's card and a certificate.


Professionals with one of the following prerequisites may apply for the certification:

  • A 4-year mechanical engineering graduate and/or P.E. or R.A. with 3 years of verified experience in geothermal heat pump systems project design or installation
  • Any other 4-year technical or non-technical degree with 5 years of verified experience in geothermal heat pump system project design or installation
  • Current IGSHPA trained professional
  • 3 years of verified experience in building inspection

*If you do not meet the minimum requirements, you may attend training and take the certification test and apply for CGI In-training.
*Minimum requirements must be met to take the test and apply for certification.
*Both in-house and field experience will be used to evaluate the level of CGI awarded.

**If you meet the requirements and pass the test, but do not have the required experience, you may be awarded the CGI in-training. 


  • GSHP System Benefits
  • IGSHPA Standards, ASHRAE and NGWA Guidelines
  • Local and State GSHP Codes
  • Outside Heat Exchange Configurations
  • Building Site and Loop Field Layout
  • Heat Fusion and Antifreeze Solutions
  • System Startup and Commissioning
  • Sample Inspection forms and checklists

Upcoming Workshops:

  • TBD

Course details:

  • Instructor: Garen N. Ewbank, B.S., C.E.M., C.G.D., C.R.M., C.E.A., C.B.E.P., C.S.D.P.


  • $395.00 (This session is sponsored by PSEG-LI, typical cost is $1,250)

This workshop offers 16 Professional Development Hours (PDHs) for Professional Engineers and Architects or equivalent Professional Development Elective (PDE) hours may be obtained for Code Professional Officials

renewable energy & sustainability center

Lupton Hall, Room 246F
Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm


Marjaneh Issapour
Director, Renewable Energy & Sustainability Center


Anna Godas
Instructional Support Associate


Kivman Lee
Instructional Support Technician