Montage of students doing research, presenting to an audience, and a graduate celebrating

Honors Program at FSC

Now accepting applications for Fall 2022 

Farmingdale State College (FSC) is pleased to announce the formation of an Honors Program.

The Honors Program at Farmingdale State College (FSC) aspires to create an enhanced and unique educational experience to prepare tomorrow’s leaders.

The Honors Program offers students a dynamic community of faculty and students exemplifying a shared commitment to academic excellence. 

Some benefits of being an Honors Scholar:

  • $1000 scholarship per academic year (for a total of 4 years)
  • Honors program seminar courses
  • Credit-bearing mentored research experiences
  • Support for conference attendance
  • Peer mentoring and teaching assistantships
  • Specialized counselors and advisement
  • Service and leadership opportunities
  • Social activities, seminars and networking events

For more information contact Email, Director of the Honors Program.

Last Modified 10/14/21