English & Humanities

Katelynn Deluca

Assistant Professor 10 Months Email Knapp Hall, Room 14

Courses Taught

  • EGL101: Composition I College Writing
  • EGL102 Honors: Composition II Writing About Literature
  • EGL101E: Composition I College Writing (Enhanced)
  • EGL303: Writing for the 21st Century
  • EGL310: Technical Writing


  • PhD, English (Composition), St. John's University, 2017
  • M.A., English, Stony Brook University, 2012
  • B.A., English, Stony Brook University, 2012 – Summa cum Laude


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  • Katelynn DeLuca, "Using Writing to Explore Social Class", English Journal, 111(4,4) 2022, 34-40.
  • Katelynn DeLuca, "Learning to Use Reflective Practices with the Design-A-School Project", Educator's Voice, XIV 2021, 68-86.
  • Katelynn Deluca, "Social Class and the Writing Classroom: Two Ways to Help Your Students", Writers Who Care, 2021.
  • Katelynn DeLuca, Breaking the Silence and Removing the Garb: Revelations From a Working-Class Academic in S. Khadka, J. Davis-McElligatt and K. Dorwick (Eds.), Narratives of Marginalized Identities in Higher Education: Inside and Outside the Academy, : Routledge (2019), pp. 54-64.
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