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Honors Program at FSC

Deeply rooted in our mission as one of SUNY’s premier technological colleges focused on applied learning, the Honors Program affords students a dynamic and vibrant academic experience epitomized by a shared commitment to excellence. The Honors Program combines academic rigor in and out of the classroom, connection to community on and off campus, and access to prestigious scholarships and fellowships into one program spanning the course of a student’s college career. Limited to just 20 accepted students per year, the cohort model provides students with opportunities to work intimately with faculty and advisors to build critical thinking and technical competencies necessary to investigate society’s greatest challenges from a discipline-specific perspective. 

  • $1000 scholarship per academic year (for a total of 4 years)
  • Honors program seminar courses
  • Credit-bearing mentored research experiences
  • Support for conference attendance
  • Peer mentoring and teaching assistantships
  • Specialized counselors and advisement
  • Service and leadership opportunities
  • Social activities, seminars and networking events

General Requirements

  • Attend the annual FSC Honors Program luncheon,
  • Complete three required seminars (The Core Level)
  • Earn 9 activity points by graduation (The Flex Level)
  • Maintain a cumulative 3.3 GPA overall and in their major.

The Core Level: Required seminars

  • HON 101: Life of the Mind (1 credit seminar)
  • HON 201: Life of the Scholar (1 credit seminar)
  • HON 301: Life of the Practitioner (1 credit seminar)

The Flex Level: 9 Activity Points  

3-Point Options 1-Point Options
Honors credit-bearing mentored research experiences Conference attendance
Honors designated and contract courses Honors Council, 1 year
Additional research projects and internships Community Service, 15 hours
Conference presentation Alumni Shadowing, 1 day
Peer mentorship opportunities   President’s Gala, 1 event

Frequently Asked Questions

The Honors Program at FSC will accept students on a rolling basis until the cohort has been filled.

As part of your Honors Program application, you need to complete a one-page personal statement. This personal statement should answer the following questions:

  • Why do you want to join the Honors Program at FSC?
  • What personal characteristics would you add to the Honors Program community? 

To apply for the Honors Program, first apply to FSC. After you are accepted into FSC, you will be provided with an account through SLATE, you can apply to the Honors Program.

Students from any major can participate in the Honors Program at FSC. 

Honors Program students receive a variety of benefits from their participation. These benefits include:  

  • Individualized advisement 
  • Priority registration for classes 
  • One-credit seminar courses designed to prepare students for real-world learning, scholarship, and creative and/or professional endeavors 
  • Meetings with an Honors Program counselor each semester in addition to once-a-semester meetings with a faculty advisor in the student's major
  • A lounge/work room on campus reserved exclusively for RAM students 
  • Invitations to special workshops and events
  • Hands-on research or a project-based learning experience with a faculty mentor 
  • $1000 scholarship per academic year (for a total of four years) 

Students must maintain a cumulative, overall GPA of 3.3 to remain in the Honors Program at FSC.  

As part of the Honors Program at FSC, you will take 3 one-credit seminar courses (first-year, second year, and an upper-level course) with Honors Program students. You can also enroll in separate, Honors-only courses with Honors Program students.  

The Honors Scholarship is a merit-based award and while financial need is not considered, like all scholarship awards, merit, need based or otherwise, will be considered in its entirety when packaging the total need of a student.  

Honors Program students are required to complete an applied learning experience  (research or internship placement) by their senior year.  

For more information contact Dr. Jeff Gaab, Interim Director of the Honors Program:
Email   or 934-420-2206

For more information contact Email, Interim Director of the Honors Program.

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