Farmingdale State College Brand Guidelines

FSC Brand Guidelines

Understanding and Applying the FSC Brand

Building a Stronger FSC Brand
A brand is not a logo, color scheme or tagline. It’s a perception, a feeling, a stake in the ground. It’s how we differentiate ourselves from our peers and define our personality, our identity.

With the changing landscape and increasingly competitive nature of higher education, FSC wanted to reflect on our heritage and how we’ve reimagined ourselves in our 111-year history. We embarked on a journey that helped us validate what we know to be true, provided a greater understanding of who we are and what we do, and offered insights into how we can best share this inside and outside our campus community.

In 2022 FSC partnered with Simpson Scarborough, an integrated branding and marketing agency in higher education, to help us define our brand, better tell our story, and connect with our communities in the most effective, focused and relatable ways.

Building a strong, consistent, and relevant brand identity takes time and great attention to detail. As a next step, we’ve created this brand standards guide to share the vision of our brand. It was designed to help you better think about, talk about, write about, and create around the FSC brand.

Like FSC, these guidelines are a living, breathing document that will evolve as our message expands and we become more familiar with the brand and how we work with it.

These guidelines are designed to serve as a roadmap going forward and should be a resource you’ll reference frequently. To help make this a useful and valuable tool, we encourage you to ask questions and share your feedback. Tell us what works well and point out areas where you need to know more. Our brand team in MarComm can help answer questions and provide assistance with proper brand usage. Contact us at

Thank you in advance for your thoughtful attention to these guidelines and helping to bring the FSC brand to life across our campus community.

As the world’s changed, we’ve changed with it. From our beginnings as an agricultural college to becoming a leader in technology and new degree programs, we identify and meet the needs on Long Island and beyond. We continue to reimagine what’s possible for our students, our contributions to industries and for the future of our home on Long Island and throughout New York State. 

Because it’s a brand promise and not a tagline, variations of the message are expected. For example, these could include Reimagining What’s Possible, or Reimagining the Possibilities. 

Characteristics that elevate the shared values of our brand and the audiences we serve:

We put in the work.

We are driven to succeed.

We are authentic and approachable.

We value our relationships and community.


Features that are important to our audiences and provide a competitive advantage:

  • Student support
  • Affordability
  • Career outcomes
  • Diversity
  • Supporting working students

Our brand pillars are four core themes that express the emotional connections woven around, in-between and across our campus community. Brand pillars and messaging priorities include:

Dynamic Programs
Distinguished programs where industry experienced faculty prepare students with the skills needed to push and evolve to meet the world’s demands.

  • We offer first-of-their-kind programs whose curriculums move forward with industry.
  • We contribute to the prosperity of Long Island and New York State, pursuing study and entering fields that create positive impact.
  • We offer a focused education, where students can start learning and practicing in their areas of interest immediately.

Elevated Education
An education that results in more opportunities and fewer obstacles: where individualized support, exceptional value, and relevant degrees supply personal discovery and professional advancement.

  • At FSC, success doesn’t occur alone. We provide individualized support throughout students’ educational journey.
  • Our affordable education offers students the ability to jumpstart their lives after graduation without an accompanying debt burden.
  • We recognize the balance of students’ responsibilities outside of the classroom and remove the barrier of having to sacrifice one for the other.

Distinctive Community
Our array of identities, life commitments, triumphs, and challenges unite our community: allowing us to celebrate our differences and better the industries we serve.

  • We change how industries look, feel and function, creating a workforce that is more representative of the world we live in.
  • We reflect the diversity of New York: our array of identities and life experiences enhance the College.
  • We represent a community where every member is appreciated, respected and celebrated.

Vibrant Culture
Our culture embraces camaraderie: fueling a campus that exudes enthusiasm for each other’s talents, pursuits, and contributions.

  • We always look ahead and continue to grow, build, and better our campus.
  • Our campus is a hub of activity that encourages the community to come together.
  • We are proud to be FSC: we demonstrate our strengths academically, athletically and professionally.

The brand mantra, sometimes called an “anthem,” is designed to translate our brand promise into an expression that is relatable for the entire FSC community (students, faculty, staff, alumni). The Mantra also serves as a source of inspiration to drive word choice, tone, and themes in content creation.

We are Farmingdale State College. We set the pace.
We drive our communities and industries forward, applying solutions for tomorrow’s challenges.
We lead by example, and our distinct identities unite us in our never-ending desire to be better.
Our ambitions are grounded in the real world.
We elevate each other, knowing success doesn’t happen on its own. 
We are Farmingdale State College, and together, we reimagine what’s possible.  


Brand Identity
A brand is so much more than a logo, but logos often serve as the initial and immediate visual connection between us and our audiences. Here is a guide to FSC's logos and their intended applications.

Department Logos
Department logos are intended for the use of specific departments. Two sets of of logos are available for internal and external usage.

For general questions and feedback, please email

To discuss your communication and how to best incorporate FSC’s brand promise, identity, and messaging:

Chris Maio
Chief Communications Officer

For creative and graphic expression of the FSC brand:

Jon Goldstein
Senior Director of Brand & Marketing

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