UAS Drone Certification

A Remote (Drone) Pilot Certification Program is being offered at Farmingdale State College. The program, which meets on Saturdays is priced at $595. It will focus on the safe operation of drones in the National Airspace System, and prepare students for the FAA certification exam that is required for licensure to operate a drone for commercial purposes.

This course will not teach students how to fly drones, since the FAA does not require certified pilots to know how to fly a drone in order to be licensed. Dr. Michael Canders, director of the Aviation Center, states, "The course is specifically aimed at those who want to become certificated FAA Remote (Drone) Pilots. Certification is required for those who want to operate drones for commercial, revenue-generating purposes. The course will be heavily focused on the safe operation of drones in the national airspace system, and prepare students with the knowledge necessary to pass the FAA written examination required of those who want to be licensed as a Drone Pilot."

Before registering for the UAS Drone Certification Class, please make sure you can commit to all the dates of the program. There are no refunds given.

Upcoming Class

The next Drone Pilot Certification Class date are September 10, 2022-October 15, 2022. It will be six consecutive Saturdays from 9am-12pm.  The class has a limit of 20 seats and it will be an online class.


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Last Modified 6/7/22