Migration to Brightspace

Desire2Learn’s Brightspace was selected by SUNY in fall of 2021 as the LMS of choice, with a system-wide implementation mandate to create a unified student experience throughout SUNY campuses. There are many components that make up a Digital Learning System (DLE), including the LMS and third-party integrations which help enhance the LMS. Examples of these technologies are Panopto, Respondus, VoiceThread, ReadSpeaker, etc. The Office of Distance Learning is leading the migration process from Blackboard to Brightspace to ensure a smooth transition between the two systems and related technologies. As part of the first cohort of campuses to transition, Farmingdale State College will host some courses on Brightspace in the Fall 2022 semester. By Spring 2023, all Farmingdale State College courses will be transitioned over from Blackboard to Brightspace. 

This website is intended to be a resource for updates, training, course conversion, help documentation, and support and will be updated regularly so please check back often. Additional updates will also be sent from the Office of Distance Learning. 

All questions or concerns should be forwarded to the Farmingdale State College Distance Learning helpdesk at  DL@farmingdale.edu.

General Questions 

The SUNY Blackboard contract is expiring December 21, 2022.

The selection of Brightspace was finalized by SUNY in the fall of 2021 with a system-wide implementation mandate.  All Farmingdale State College courses taught or supplemented with Blackboard will be taught in Brightspace in the Spring 2023 semester. 

NO, teaching through Blackboard will no longer be available because the SUNY BLACKBOARD CONTRACT EXPIRES DECEMBER 21, 2022.

The Office of Distance Learning in partnership with SUNY and D2L.

A DLE includes the learning management system (Brightspace) along with third party integrations such as Panopto, VoiceThread, Respondus, ReadSpeaker, and more.

Faculty and students will still be able to login to Blackboard until December 21, 2022 when the SUNY Blackboard contract expires.

Log into Brightspace via mylearning.farmingdale.edu 

Contact the Distance Learning helpdesk via DL@farmingdale.edu if you have any issues logging in. 


Faculty Questions

Training is being offered through the SUNY Center for Professional Development (SUNY CPD).  If you have not received or registered for training yet, take the training path self-assessment and register. As part of Cohort 1, all Farmingdale State College faculty can participate in the training at any time. Multiple modalities are available (synchronous, asynchronous, scaled webinars, fireside chats). 

SUNY CPD has also integrated an asynchronous course that faculty can access inside Brightspace. It is called “SUNY DLE Brightspace Fundamentals Asynchronous Modules” and is listed under the “CPD Pilot Semester” tab of “My Courses.”

The Office of Distance Learning is complementing the formal training with virtual office hours. You can register for a Migration Virtual Office Hours session through Genius. Please note that currently we are working to help fall distance learning faculty set up their fall 2022 distance learning courses.  More trainings, webinars, and in-person training options will be available mid-to-late September so please watch this page for updates.

Faculty teaching a distance learning format course during the fall 2022 semester, should have already received emails with the Migration Form request link. Any faculty that did not receive the form should contact the Distance Learning helpdesk at DL@farmingdale.edu

To prepare your courses for migration, faculty should start to clean up their courses – make sure there are no broken links, outdated material, unused tests, etc. The migration request form will have more information on what necessary steps need to be taken before courses are migrated. 

All other faculty will be sent an email with the migration form late-September.  But if you have any questions on this, please reach out DL@Farmingdale.edu

The Office of Distance-Learning in partnership with SUNY will migrate content submitted by faculty from Blackboard to Brightspace. Faculty must complete the Course Migration Request form for courses they wish to move over. . 

Course migration typically takes 5-7 business days because the process is dependent upon D2L processing requests in addition to all other requests from SUNY campuses.  Once your converted content is in Brightspace, you can check by looking at the "Conversions" tab; here you can edit your content before copying into live course shells; if you need any help with this process, you can attend "Office Hours" or set up an appointment with an instructional designer; contact us at DL@farmingdale.edu 


Student Questions

The SUNY Center for Professional Development (SUNY CPD) has developed a Brightspace orientation training specifically for students.  

This training is self-paced and you will find it once you  log into Brightspace; it is called "FSC Student Orientation".

There are a few ways:

  1. Ask your instructor if they will be using Brightspace
  2. If you log into your course in Blackboard and see the image below in the course site, your course will be in Brightspace
    Course Moved to Brightspace announcement.
  3. You can access Brightspace via: mylearning.farmingdale.edu directly; you can also access from the FSC website by clicking "MyFSC" on the top right-hand and selecting "Brightspace" from the menu on the left.

The same login that is used for your campus email and password 

If you have any trouble, please call Distance Learning at 934-420-5300 or email our helpdesk at DL@farmingdale.edu

For after-hours and weekend support, you can reach out to the Open SUNY Helpdesk: 844-673-6786 or email them at helpdesk@OpenSUNY.suny.edu 



Help and Support 

All questions or concerns should be forwarded to the Farmingdale State College Distance Learning helpdesk at  DL@farmingdale.edu

Last Modified 8/17/22