Frequently Asked Questions

I missed the deadline for filing the intent to graduate form. Can I still participate in the Commencement ceremony? 

If you did not file by the deadline, you will still be able to participate in the ceremony; however we cannot guarantee your name will appear in the program.

If you missed the deadline, please still fill out the Intent to Graduate form so an accurate count can be kept for those attending commencement. 

I will receive my diploma in December, but will not participate in the Winter Commencement ceremony and would like to participate in the Spring Commencement ceremony. 

The Winter Commencement ceremony is meant for those students who filed the Intent to Graduate form during the Fall semester. You will not be able to participate in the Spring Commencement ceremony. 

Must I have a cap and gown to participate in the Commencement ceremony?

Yes, you must have a cap and gown to participate. Caps and gowns will be available for purchase at the Campus Barnes & Noble Bookstore, as well as the Senior Commencement Fair. 

When will the ceremony tickets be distributed?

Please check your email and the Commencement website regularly for ticket distribution information. 

Can I get more than 3 tickets for the ceremony?

Unfortunately, there will not be any extra tickets for the Commencement ceremony, no exceptions. 

How long is the ceremony?

The Commencement ceremony usually takes about one and a half hours to two hours. The length is usually influenced by the number of students attending the graduation. 

Where do I pick up my Award for Academic Excellence and Latin Honors Award?

Students who receive an Award for Academic Excellence can pick-up a green and white graduation cord by presenting their award letter to the Registrar staff during regular business hours.

Students who receive Latin honors can pick up a gold tassel at the Registrar during regular business hours. The Registrar will have a list of Latin honors students. 

One of my guests has special seating needs because of a disability. How can I arrange for appropriate seating? 

Please email commencement@farmingdale for special seating accommodations.  

Will my picture be taken at the ceremony?

Yes, your picture will be taken by a professional photographer and will be available for purchase in late January.

Pre-Commencement portraits can be scheduled via Island Photography at the Senior Commencement Fair. 

What if the College is closed because of bad weather the day of Commencement?

Please check the College website on the web for any emergency closings or instructions in the event of bad weather. 

If I attend Spring Commencement, can I attend Winter Commencement?

Due to space limitations, those attending Spring Commencement may not attend Winter Commencement. 

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Last Modified 2/22/24