General Information

Our Mission

The Children's Center seeks to encourage and support the growth of each child in all areas of development. This creates a positive self image and a realistic opportunity at succeeding in life. Our goal is to encourage all children to become life long learners.

Our Aim

To instill a positive self image, provide a safe, secure, and happy environment. To encourage independence in children through praise and encouragement. To respect each child as an individual with special capabilities, needs and potential. To encourage the social, physical, intellectual, cognitive, and emotional growth of each child. To hire staff and enroll children of all incomes, races and creeds to be a part of our center.

Hours of Operation


  • Professional Early Childhood Educators
  • Certified in Infant & Child CPR and First Aid
  • Staff receive ongoing training
  • MAT Trained

Fees and Payments

  • Campus Employee and Student Discount
  • SUNY Students - Block Grants may be available to eligible students
  • NYS Employee Discount
  • Community Rates

Nutrition & Health

  • Sustainable Garden Experiences on campus
  • Indoor and Outdoor play yards
  • Visits to the Campus Dental Clinic
  • Visits to the Campus Health & Wellness Center
Last Modified 4/12/21