The Children's Center


Our Infant Program welcomes children from ages 8 weeks to 18 months of age. Our younger and older infant program accommodate the growing needs of a baby at play and on the go! Our heated floors keep an infant comfortable as they are sitting up and playing, enjoying tummy time or crawling around to explore their environment. A separate crib area allows infants to sleep without disruption.

Our infants encounter a multi-sensory environment with different textures and sounds throughout the day. They experience art, music and movement through various methods. The younger infant classroom provides a schedule based on your baby's needs. The older infant classroom helps to set a little more of a schedule for them to adapt to and become comfortable with each day.


Our Toddler Program also grows with your child. From ages 18 months through 36 months, our nurturing staff begin to help foster independence with your child.  We work with each child to help them him/her learn how to feed themselves using a fork and spoon. Children nap comfortably on cots after a scheduled morning of activities.  Some activities include music and movement, art, puzzles, and fine motor development games. They are introduced to concepts such as basic shapes, colors, counting, and recognizing their own names in print. We help children build their growing vocabulary, learn to share and socialize, and begin to follow simple directions as they grow older, and prepare for Preschool.

Toddlers enjoy their own separate play area outside where natural and musical elements abound. On rainy days, our indoor gross motor room provides ample space to move, climb, skip and catch.



Our Pre-School and Pre-K programs not only help build independence to prepare towards formal education, but they teach basic skills and concepts to help children develop towards kindergarten readiness. Each child develops at their own stage, and our staff works with each child at their level. Art, music, science and math are incorporated in a fun, developmentally appropriate way through play and natural experiences.

The campus provides additional educational opportunities and experiences for our young students. Trips to the dental center, sustainable gardens, or walks through the campus help our children become familiar with a school community.

Toddler through Pre-K classrooms are furnished with learning centers and computers with age appropriate learning software. 

Pre School
Last Modified 6/23/23