Summer Bridge

ATTENTION: This year's residential program will be from July 18th through July 30th!


What is Summer Bridge?

Summer Bridge is a free two-week program designed to assist with the transition from high school to college. Students live on campus, take mock college classes, participate in relationship-building activities, and attend two field trips. This is a prime opportunity to get familiar with the campus, prepare for college-level coursework, and get to know over 25 peers and faculty and staff who will be mentors and lifelong friends. Upon successful completion, students receive a personalized certificate of achievement to recognize valuable contributions to the program!

Group Photo after Summer Bridge Awards Ceremony



Academics - Class schedule is constructed to sample introductory courses: Psychology, Math, Writing, Biology, and others to equip students with skills and strategies needed to be successful in college
Workshops - Designed to teach students essential academic, professional, and life skills such as time-management, leadership, personal branding, and financial literacy
Self-Awareness - Key program focus intended to cultivate effective reflection and recognition of ones individuality, both in personality and life experience
Relationship-Building - Meaningful mentoring relationships with TRIO staff and student advisors, as well as positive peer relationships through open discussion groups, fun activities, and quality time in a family-oriented atmosphere
Orientation - Comprehensive overview of campus life, departments, resources, rules and regulations, and opportunities



Campus Scavenger Hunt
Sports Olympics
Field Trips
Outdoor BBQ with TRIO Upperclassmen
Student Talent Showcase

Trio Program

Laffin Hall, Room 112
Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm


Bryan Garcia
Director of Support Programs


Branden Fredericks
Instructional Support Associate


Ken Grotell
Education Counselor


Tiffany Jamieson-Ward
Assistant Director


Mariann Simone
Administrative Coordinator

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