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CSTEP Freshman Summer Bridge Program

Eligible freshmen will get the opportunity to increase their preparedness for the transition to college by learning to navigate the Farmingdale State College Campus, attend seminars to help achieve their educational goals and participate in activities to foster relationships with other incoming freshmen and mentors. Students in Bridge live on campus for two weeks, excluding weekends, and have the opportunity to acclimate to Farmingdale State College Campus, get preparation for courses they will take during freshman year, register for classes, meet faculty and other students in their majors, participate in leadership activities and learn about the other resources on campus etc. All costs are paid by the college and CSTEP. There is no cost to the student or student's family for Summer Bridge.


Summer Bridge Activities

  • Sample introductory freshmen courses: Psychology, Math, Writing, Biology, and others to equip students with skills and strategies needed to be successful in college
  • Educational workshops
  • Meet & greet with Farmingdale State College faculty and departments
  • Leadership and relationship building activities
  • Field Trips, Campus Scavenger Hunt, Sports Olympics and Award Ceremony


Picture from six flags field trip

Last Modified 8/9/22