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Dental Hygiene Application Requirements

Requirements to apply to the Dental Hygiene program

High School Requirements

  • Algebra I and Geometry or Algebra II with grades of B/B+ and above.
  • Laboratory Biology with grades of B/B+ and above (Regents score of 75% and above).
  • Laboratory Chemistry with grades of B/B+ and above.

College Requirements*
All prerequisite courses should be completed by the priority deadline of January 15.

  • College Math (if you do not have B/B+ or higher in math from HS) *MTH 110 - Statistics or MTH 116 College Algebra recommended.
  • BIO 120/120L General Biology or BIO 123/123L: Human Body in Health and Disease (if you do not have B/B+ and above in Biology or Living Environment with lab from HS).
  • CHM 124/124L: Principles of Chemistry (if you do not have B/B+ and above in Chemistry with lab from HS).
  • EGL 101: Composition 1 – College Writing.
  • BIO 166: Anatomy and Physiology (taken within the last 7 years - many colleges do not offer this specific Anatomy and Physiology course and applicants must take Anatomy and Physiology 1 & 2 to satisfy the requirement).
  • A TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) with a minimum score of 79 (internet-based exam) will be required for applicants who have had ESL courses in high school or college and applicants with secondary credentials from countries whose language of instruction was not English.

For list of transfer course equivalencies by school, please visit:

* Please note: all the above classes should be completed with grades of “B” or better. Meeting minimum criteria for admission does not guarantee an acceptance to the program. Applications are academically ranked for limited seats. The college reserves the right to make final decisions based upon the applicant pool each year

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I begin taking the required courses for admission to Dental Hygiene?

Depending on academic eligibility, you can start as a matriculated student in another program at FSC, take courses as a non-matriculated student or attend another college to complete the required courses. To ensure their transferability, please refer to our transfer course equivalency chart on the Transfer Services page of the FSC website when you are selecting courses from another college.

Do repeated attempts of entrance requirements affect my academic ranking?

Yes. If a prerequisite course is repeated the average of both attempts will be calculated and used in the ranking. Students who attempt a course more than two times will not be considered for admission.

When are admissions decisions made?

Applicants with all required coursework completed by January 15 are given priority review. Notification of acceptance will be sent in March.

How do I know the status of my application?

The FSC RAM Portal is an online dashboard to monitor the status of applications. After submitting an application you will receive login instructions to access this portal.

Are references, work experience or interviews required for admission?

No, admission is based on academic criteria. We recommend that applicants shadow a dental hygienist to gain awareness of the dental hygiene profession.

Can I attend part time or in the evening?

While prerequisite courses are available on a part-time basis in the day and evening, Dental Hygiene courses are offered during the daytime only and must be completed in four consecutive semesters.

Are there additional costs for the program other than tuition, fees and books?

Once admitted, dental hygiene students are required to purchase uniforms, instruments, and additional clinic supplies, with an estimated cost of $2,400.00 for the two year program. Upon completion of the program, students will incur additional expenses related to board examinations and licensing fees, approximately $1,500.00.

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