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§ 569.1 Preamble.

This Part will apply to students, staff and visitors of and to the State University of New York, College of Technology at Farmingdale on all property maintained by the college. The State University of New York College at Farmingdale provides facilities for vehicles for the sole purpose of conducting college business. The method of registering vehicles and the regulations governing their use on campus are stated below. The college assumes no liability for damage or loss to private vehicles, their occupants or contents while on college property. Parking and use of vehicles on campus without registration or permission from the college or in violation of this Part is prohibited. Drivers who require vehicles on campus in order to conduct business related to the college may obtain temporary or yearly permits enabling them to drive or park on campus, at the University Police Office. Temporary permits are governed by the regulations stated on the permits as well as those stated herein.

Students are those persons who are registered for the purpose of attending classes for which college credits are received; or for which Educational Opportunity Center instruction is provided on campus; or for attending formal classes, either for credit or for no credit; or are attending classes conducted by a campus tenant. Staff includes those persons listed or eligible for listing in the college directory, or listed as full-time or part-time employees for payroll purposes, or full- time or part-time staff of the Auxiliary Service Corporation, Educational Opportunity Center, Alumni Association, Farmingdale Foundation, Research Foundation of the State University of New York, or employees of outside agencies considered campus tenants.

§ 569.2 General.

(a) The motor vehicle laws of the State of New York are applicable and enforceable by the University Police on property of the State University. All drivers on campus are expected to know and observe these State motor vehicle laws, the ordinances of the Township of Babylon, or the Township of Huntington, where they apply, and campus traffic regulations.

(b) No person shall drive a vehicle on university streets, roads or highways at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent under the conditions and having regard to the actual and potential hazards then existing, but in no event shall a person drive a vehicle in excess of 25 miles per hour unless a different speed is authorized by the university.

§ 569.3 Registration.

(a) Regardless of the ownership of the vehicle, all staff and students who drive on campus must register their vehicles with the University Police Department. Official college identification decals will be issued for the current academic year (September to August) or summer session upon payment of a fee approved by the chancellor or designee. All individuals exercising this privilege are responsible at all times for the vehicle while the vehicle is on campus.

(b) Decals must be affixed no later than 48 hours after the first day of classes of that session. Persons joining the college after the opening of the session must display such a decal no later than 48 hours after reporting to the college.

(c) Decals must be affixed to the top, rear side window on the driver's side. Identification decals for either motor scooters, motorcycles or motor bikes must be displayed. It is the responsibility of the owner or operator of such vehicle to insure that the decal remains affixed at all times and is legible. Taping or crimping on of decals is not considered as being permanently affixed and is a violation of this Part.

(d) Temporary or special use of a motor vehicle on campus requires that a temporary permit be issued by the University Police Department. Visitors to the campus must obtain a temporary permit.

(e) When ownership of a registered motor vehicle is changed, the University Police office must be advised within 48 hours and the decal must be removed from the vehicle.

(f) Parking permits are not transferable from the individual to whom they are issued to any other individual. Permits are not transferable from one vehicle to another.

§ 569.4 Parking rules and areas.

(a) Students and staff will park vehicles only in areas designed for parking (see approved parking areas on map).

(b) Motor vehicles must be parked between lines. Staff parking areas have been lined with yellow paint. Student parking areas have been lined with white paint. Handicapped parking areas have been lined with blue paint. Curbside parking or parking along any roadway is prohibited.

(c) Emergency flashers must be turned on when parking in unauthorized areas for the purpose of loading or unloading vehicle. Loading or unloading time is limited to 15 minutes.

(d) The parking of a motor vehicle on grounds maintained by the State University in such a manner that it interferes with the use of a fire hydrant, an exit, fire lane, entrance, roadway, crossroad, emergency zone, pedestrian way, or if parked on planted areas or on any other than a designated parking area is a violation of this Part. Vehicles so parked in violation of subdivisions (a) through (d) of this section will be towed away at the owner's expense.

(e) Staff parking.

(1) Reserved open lot type parking will be available for staff. These lots are:

(i) South Side of Roosevelt Hall--No. 8. . * 7AM to 5 PM week days

(ii) Lot in front of heating plant--No. 15. . * 7AM to 5 PM week days

(iii) Simon Cohen Infirmary lot--No. 12.

(iv) James Sinclair dining hall lot--No. 10.

(v) Patterson lot--No. 9A. . * 7AM to 5 PM week days

(vi) East side of Horton Hall--No. 22.

(vii) Parking lot No. 4a. * 7AM to 5 PM week days

(viii) That part of lot No. 5 as designated on the campus map. . * 7AM to 5 PM week days

(ix) East Row of the Parking Lot closest to the Aviation Building at Republic Airport

(x) Broadhollow Bio Park 1

(xii) Broadhollow Bio Park 2

(2) The president of the college or his appointed designee is authorized to designate reserved parking spaces in any lot located on campus. Such reserved spaces may be allocated to employees, handicapped students residence hall counselors, visitors and all others selected.

(3) Request for reserved parking spaces must be submitted to the president for approval through the chair of the traffic and parking advisory board.

(f) Storage of vehicles. Storage of inoperative motor vehicles or unlicensed motor vehicles in campus lots is prohibited. Vehicles so parked will be towed away at the owner's expense. Parking of motorcycles, motorbikes or motor scooters within college buildings or any unauthorized location is prohibited.

(g) Overnight parking (12 midnight to 6 a.m.) by students is permitted only by residence hall students in lots designated for residence parking. All other parking of motor vehicles overnight must be coordinated with the University Police Office or it can result in the vehicles being towed away at the owner's expense.

§ 569.5 Accidents.

All motor vehicle accidents on campus (regardless how slight) must be reported to the University Police Department for necessary action.

§ 569.6 Towing and storage.

(a) The college has the authority to remove by towing, at the owner's expense, any motor vehicle which is not registered as required or which is parked in violation of any of the campus traffic regulations. In lieu of towing the college may attach a vehicle immobilizer to a vehicle.

(b) Any person whose vehicle has been towed or immobilized must report to the University Police office for information on how to obtain the vehicle's release.

(c) Towing and storage charges will be at the expense of the owner. All outstanding traffic fines, towing and storage fees must be paid prior to the vehicle being released.

(d) Except as a result of its negligence, the college will not be responsible for damage to towed vehicles or for personal property lost as a result of having a vehicle towed.

(e) Abandoned vehicles will be removed from campus and disposed of as provided for in the Vehicle and Traffic Law. An abandoned vehicle is one as defined in section 1224 of the Vehicle and Traffic Law.

§ 569.7 Penalties and procedures for violation of campus parking and traffic regulations.

(a) Failure to register a motor vehicle when such registration is required-- $35 fine.

(b) Unauthorized use of campus parking identification decal--$35 fine.

(c) Parking in violation of fire hydrant, fire lanes, exits, and restricted areas--$35 fine.

(d) Parking in areas designated as restricted parking--$35 fine.

(e) Parking in a designated handicapped parking space--$150 fine.

(f) Parking in areas other than designated as parking areas (lawns, driveways)--$35 fine.

(g) Parking a vehicle that is unregistered or uninspected as required by section 401 and 301 of the vehicle and traffic law on campus--$35fine.

(h) Campus motor vehicular registration and parking privileges shall be revoked for the balance of the academic year upon a finding that 10 or more campus violations have been incurred during an academic year. Such vehicle for which the registration has been revoked shall be subject to removal by towing at the expense of the owner.

(i) In those instances where unattended motor vehicles are involved in violation of this Part, the registrant is responsible for the payment of the fine.

(j) After twenty days (20) any unpaid citation shall have an administrative fee of $15.00 (fifteen dollars) added to the outstanding balance.

(k) Unpaid fines shall be deducted from the salary or wages of an offending officer or employee of the university. Students with unpaid fines will not be allowed to register for classes and their grades and transcripts shall be withheld until all fines are paid

§ 569.8 Citation procedures and appeals.

The University Police shall enforce these regulations, The New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law, and such other laws and regulations as may apply. (section 355(2)(m) and section 360 (4) of the Education Law). Individuals authorized by the chief of police may issue summonses to vehicles found in violation of these regulations.

(a) A citation (traffic ticket) regarding any violation of a campus rule shall be in writing reciting the time and place of the violation and the title, number or substance of the applicable rule.

(1) The citation must be subscribed by the officer witnessing the violation and served upon the person(s) charged or attached to the vehicle involved.

(2) The citation shall indicate the amount of the fine assessable for the violation, and advise that if the person charged does not dispute the violation, fines must be paid at the University Police office within a period of five business days (not including Saturday and Sunday).

(3) The citation shall recite that a hearing may be requested within a period of five business days (not including Saturday and Sunday) after service of the charges by appearing in person at the University Police Department to complete a citation appeal form. A request for a hearing may also be filed through the college parking web site within five business days of issuance of the citation.

(4) Should the alleged violator fail to request an appeal of the citation within the period as prescribed in paragraph (3) of this subdivision, the citation is proved and shall warrant such action as may be appropriate.

(b) The president of the college will establish traffic appeal boards to hear appeals for violations of campus traffic regulations. Membership of each appeal board is not to exceed three persons who represent the faculty, staff and student body. A traffic appeal board shall not be bound by the technical rules of evidence but may hear or receive any evidence directly relevant and material to the issues presented.

(c) At the conclusion of the hearing or not later than five days thereafter, a traffic appeal board shall issue a decision. A notice of the decision shall be promptly transmitted to the person who was issued the citation. The report shall include:

(1) the name and address of the alleged violator;

(2) the time and place when the citation was issued;

(3) the campus rule violated;

(4) a concise statement of the facts established on the hearing based upon the testimony or other evidence offered;

(5) the time and place of the hearing;

(6) the names of all witnesses;

(7) each adjournment stating upon whose application and to what time and place it was made; and

(8) the decision (guilty, not guilty, or guilty--no fine) of the traffic appeal board.

(d) Three or more unanswered complaints in an 18-month period by the same person regarding violations of a campus parking rule, shall result in a referral to the New York State Commissioner of Motor Vehicles for review in considering the renewal of an operator's license and/or a motor vehicle registration, and the imposition of a fee as approved by the chancellor or designee to meet the administrative costs of such referral.

§ 569.9 Approved parking areas.

The staff, dormitory and general parking areas are designated on the official campus map, copies of which are available in the University Police Department at no charge.

§ 569.10 Campus traffic and parking advisory committee.

(a) The president will establish a campus traffic advisory committee composed of not less than eight members, who shall represent each segment of the campus community. No one campus constituency shall have a majority of the total representation. The President will designate one member to act as chair and it shall be the responsibility of the committee to review campus traffic and parking regulations and appeals process, and to make recommendations to the president effecting any changes in the aforementioned regulations.

(b) The recommendations, in order to have the full force and effect of law, must be approved and recommended by the president to the college council, who, if they concur will resolve to implement such recommendations and follow applicable rule-making procedures to amend this part

Part 569.11 Campus Map

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